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The Storm - Episode 46



Ric's office at the Courthouse --

Ric sat in his office behind the desk when the phone call came in. He called Zander and was the bearer of news that the judge was reconvening court that afternoon, he had made his decision. Ric collected the files on his desk and placed them into his outbox, then stood from his seat and smoothed out his jacket and tie, buttoning the jacket before walking towards the door. He picked up his briefcase before leaving his office and heading for a meeting with the FBI about his mother's case. He was hoping to hear a conviction that afternoon and if he did, he wanted to be sure his mother would be out of danger if she'd stay in Port Charles.

A meeting room - 3 floors down --

Ric walked into the office, two gentlemen in suits were already there waiting for him. He set down his briefcase on the conference table and then approached the first man.

"Mr. Brooks ... it's nice to see you again." Ric said politely as he extended his hand.

"Mr. Lansing .. you, too. This is Mr. Cooper." Brooks said as he introduced the other gentleman to Ric.

"Cooper? Any relation to our Honorable Judge Cooper here in Port Charles?" Ric question as he shook Cooper's hand.

"He's my father." Cooper replied and smiled.

"I see." Ric replied and then went to his briefcase to get the paperwork needed so they could get started. "I just received a phone call that the verdict is in on Mr. Corinthos. And I wanted to cut through some of this red tape that needs to be cut so my mother can reside here in Port Charles, that is if we get a conviction." Ric continued as the two gentlemen stepped forward and began reading over the paperwork Ric had already completed.

"If you get a conviction this afternoon, Mr. Lansing, the government sees no reason why your mother couldn't move to where ever she feels most comfortable. I understand you and your brother both live here now, is that correct?" Brooks asked as he read over one of the documents.

"Yes that is correct. Our mother would like to move here, if that's possible. She'd like to be close to the family." Ric replied.

"We understand her needs, Mr. Lansing. If a conviction comes this afternoon, we'll see the paperwork is filed and your mother can be released from our protection." Cooper stated as a smile came over Ric's face.

"Thank you. I'm sure my mother will be happy to hear this news." Ric replied with a smile as his cell phone rang from within his blazer pocket.

He excused himself from the meeting to take the call.


"Cut through that red tape yet?" Zander voice was heard from the other end.

"Actually yes, and I'll tell you all about it this afternoon when you get to the courthouse." Ric replied as the two gentlemen he was meeting with said their goodbyes.

"We'll be in touch, Mr. Lansing." Brooks said as he walked passed him, still on the cell phone with Zander.

"Who was that?" Zander asked after he heard the other voice.

"Mr. Brooks. I was meeting with him about mom's situation. I hope you are on your way to the courthouse, court reconvenes in 30 minutes."

"Already here .... we're in your office."

"I'll be right up." Ric replied and flipped his phone closed. He gathered his things and headed up to his office to meet with Zander.

Ric's office --

As Ric reached his office, he saw Alexis approach from the opposing direction. She seemed to be in a hurry as she scurried down the hall towards him. She and Ric's relationship had grown closer over the past few weeks. Ric had asked her for coffee one afternoon and they had met at Kelly's, and then it was lunch going over paperwork for the trial, and finally last week Ric asked her for dinner. She was hesitant at first, but it was just dinner, so she thought. It was becoming quite clear that dinner wasn't all that had happened that night at his place.

"Hey ...." she greeted Ric and he cautiously gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Hey ... I was just about to go in and meet up with Zander and Emily, they're waiting for me in my office." Ric replied as he showed Alexis the door to the office.

"Good ...." she said trying to catch her breath from being so rushed.

Ric opened the door to the office and the two of them walked into together, noticing the eyes upon them, along with the smiles on the faces of those who were staring at Ric and Alexis's coziness. Ric walked in and set his briefcase down by the door and Alexis went to say hello to the family.

As Ric stepped further into his office, his mother greeted him with a loving hug. "So, how did your meeting go?" she asked as she pulled back from him.

"The meeting went fine. The government as no problems with you moving to Port Charles or where ever you want if there is a conviction this afternoon." Ric replied with a smile.

He saw the smiles that came across their faces, but there still was some doubt with his mother. It concerned him that she'd be worried about living in Port Charles, and he wondered why she had doubts.

"Mom? What's wrong?" Ric asked as he leaned forward against the desk.

"Nothing is wrong, Ric. It's really great news about me being able to live here with my family." she replied and pasted a fake smile across her face as doubts filled her head. She couldn't help but remember Emily's relation and hearing the name Quartermaine again. It had been years since she had heard the name, but she wouldn't soon forget the memories.

Ric looked bewildered to his mother and she just smiled. He shrugged off her reaction to his question and focused on what was at hand, Sonny's trial and conviction as he looked down at his watch and noticed they didn't have much time to get back down to the courtroom.

"We better get going....Judge Cooper hates tardiness." Ric said as he got up from his seat and buttoned his jacket.

The five of them headed down to the courtroom to hear the verdict, all of them hoping Sonny Corinthos would be spending the next 20 years behind bars.


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