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The Guiding Light: Episode 063
Friday April 27, 2007
Written By: Josh Hawkins & Dan Gobble



Lucy arrived at Harley’s house early in the morning to check on Gus, after checking and discovering that he was not there she decided now was the perfect time to confront Vera about her lies. Vera comes down the stairs and finds Lucy waiting for her. Lucy tells her that she warned her about lying and that if Lucy ever found out Vera was untruthful she would suffer her wrath! Vera tells Lucy that she should be at the Spaulding mansion rejoicing in the fact that Alexandra is alive and reading Alex the riot act. Vera finally admits for the first time, that she is no Gus’ mother and she’ll be leaving Springfield ASAP. Lucy goes ballistic and corners Vera saying that she does not know what Alex or her had to gain from lying but Harley is paying the price for it. Vera tells Lucy that she should not stand in her way. Lucy says Vera crossed her once and she will not do it again!



Billy and Josh finalize their plans for the Cedars project and seal it away for the evening. After they are all done the men go to Towers for a celebratory lunch. Meanwhile at the same time, Shayne arrives at Spaulding Enterprise. A-M questions how he was able to skip school without daddy knowing Shayne tells him to cut the [!@#$%^&*] and get to the point. Shayne asks him what it is going to cost for A-M’s silence. A-M asks him if he likes to please his parents, in particular Josh. Shayne tells him that his parent’s approval is very important to him. A-M says that is good then because they can agree on something…A-M tells Shayne he needs Alan’s approval and to get it he has to land the Cedars project. Shayne says okay and asks what A-M wants and A-M reveals he wants a copy of Lewis Construction’s proposal for the Cedars project. Shayne agrees.


And Now "The Guiding Light"

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Alexandra arrives at the country club barking orders into her cell phone that Gus must be found, she notes that money has never been an issue before so there is no reason it should be now. Alex looks around the banquet hall and flashes back to when she roasted Roger publicly many years ago. She is brought back to reality when Alan arrives. He asks her what the hell is going with her that she has been all over the map lately. Alexandra tells Alan that he is surprisingly no different than Roger. Alan scoffs at the suggestion and Alex tells him no she’s right. Alexandra says that she has never forgiven Brandon or Alan for ripping Nick and Lujack from her arms all those years ago, Alexandra says no one ever showed me how a man should love a woman, how a man should respect a woman or treat a woman, she notes that is most likely why she even entered into a marriage with Roger. Alexandra says it is because of Alan and Brandon that she ran away and found comfort with Roy Baker and it’s because of them that she gave Gus away so it would be on her terms and not theirs. Alexandra hauls off and slaps the hell out of Alan, calls him a bastard and breaks down…just then Ed arrives and takes her and gets her to calm down.



Shayne arrives at Lewis and gets past Wanda who is heading home. Shayne says he needs to do some schoolwork and he thinks he left his jump drive in Josh’s office. Wanda says she’ll wait, but Shayne insists that she go on home the weather looks bad. Wanda notes that he is just the perfect gentleman like his daddy. After Wanda is gone, Shayne turns off the security cameras, snatches the folder from the safe…makes copies, puts it back and turns the cameras back on right where they left off and sneaks out, hoping no one is any the wiser.



The banquet room of the county club begins to fill with people for the reading of Roger's will: Amanda Thorpe-Spaulding, Holly Reade, Blake Marler, Cassie Winslow, Michelle Bauer Santos, Ross Marler, Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon, Alan Spaulding, Billy Lewis, Alexandra Spaulding and Dr. Ed Bauer. Roger's lawyer from California arrives and says that he has been Roger's lawyer since 2001 when he made his first living will and that he has since revised it twice, the first in late 2002 and then lastly in early 2007. The attorney begins the reading:
  • A $50,000 donation to the Red Cross in memory of Mrs. Maureen Reardon Bauer.
  • Amanda Spaulding-Thorpe: Their shared California home and sizable amount of money. Also an old fashion baby doll, with a secret compartment in the back of the door that holds a safety deposit box key.
  • Holly Reade: A hand written letter with Roger's writing. The engagement ring he had when he intended to propose to her in 1994 and a sizable amount of money.
  • Alan Spaulding: "The Once and Future King" by T.H. White
  • Alexandra Spaulding: A letter that is to be read aloud. The lawyer reads, "Alexandra, You and I have played out every scene imaginable since we first met all those years ago. I've seen you go from blonde hair to fiery red and I often thought I would see it all turn gray, but that's not the case. I amended my will after Amanda shared with me that you gave Alan the power as CEO of Spaulding. Stupid and foolish where things you never were Alex, you've gone soft and it's sad. So I leave you this Alexandra, a clue. That's all get a clue Alex and realize that when you have the power you do not give away. Heed my advice and hopefully one day you'll kick Alan's ass out of the company, which is what he deserves. Rog."
  • Vanessa Reardon: A chess set. This is because Henry and Roger used to play chess.
  • College trust funds for his five grandchildren: Michelle Bauer Santos shall be the executor of Peter Lewis Reardon’s trust. Blake Marler shall be the executor of Jason Marler, Kevin Marler and Clarissa Marler’s trusts. Cassie Winslow the executor of Roger Joshua Winslow’s trust.
  • Billy Lewis: A sealed envelope that is not to be opened until after the will reading.
  • Dr. Ed Bauer: A hand written letter from Roger that is not to be opened until after the will reading.
  • And finally his beloved daughter, Christina Blake Thorpe Marler: Blake Thorpe Marler: A sizable amount of money, a pair of his mother’s earrings and a sealed envelope to be opened after the reading.

:Fade to Black:

Next on “The Guiding Light!”
- Shayne betrays the Lewis family!
- Springfield prepares for a storm!
- Gus returns to face Alexandra!


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