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May Sweeps Preview





Executive Producer and co-head writer Josh Hawkins opens up about what is to come in next month as the SONBC blog "The Guiding Light" celebrates May! "A thunderstorm blows in the first week of sweeps (April 30-May 4) and what happens is big for our beloved Springfield citizens."

Roger's Power Over Springfield

- Even in death Roger is still controlling lives. Readers saw the contents of his will in Episode 063 and then we begin to see the after effects that it has on everyone, the big players here are Holly, Ed and Blake. The latter two each have an unopened, unread letter that Roger left for them by the end of May both contents of each will be revealed and it will send Blake and Ed on some big adventures through the summer months. As for the love of Roger's life Holly we see her struggle through the first of May and learn what has been wrong with her even prior to his death. The week of the storm is HUGE for Holly and her relationship with Ed, this is something even my writing team did not see coming, they were shocked! Since the blog debuted we've been trying to reestablish Holly as leading female character, this story does that it has very long legs!

Storm Watch

- The first week in May is one big 'umbrella' story that throws back to the great days of "Guiding Light" (1992: Blackout) as a severe thunderstorm rolls into Springfield trapping our residences in awkward positions. This affects the entire leading canvas with the exception of four main characters (Cassie, Danny, Michelle & Reva) everyone is paired up and danger ensues throughout one rocky night. Olivia and Phillip are trapped at the mansion and when she goes into labor a secret plot is hatched between the ex-lovers. Alexandra must face Gus and account for all her lies. Blake's life is turned inside-out and back again as she reads her letter from Roger. Maureen's look-a-like Sandra Reed and Lillian are trapped together and so much more. This is a great way to end some stories and then open up different ones which is what will happen!

Teen Scene: Graduation & Prom

- Shayne and Tammy begin May with some powerful stuff as he finally admits to her that he's gay! It's important that Shayne share this with someone other than Derek and the person blackmailing him (Alan-Michael). It's a big month for this group as they will go to their last prom and then eventually graduation! Marina and Ben have a rough road this month with age being an issue in their relationship, the same with Lizzie and doctor boyfriend Braxton O'Dell. As May comes to an end we're introducing a short-term characters to the canvas. Zach Roerig (ex-Casey, ATWT) joins for a limited run through the summer. It's going to be an exicting time for our teens and it starts this month!

Harley’s Awakening

- Harley awakes from her coma this month and when she's released from Cedars she goes gunning for one person: Alexandra! This story will be simmering on the backburner through May as we make creative choices as to where to go with it. We have an interesting plot twist that we are toying with at the moment.

Misc. Spoilers

- Marah, Mindy and Beth all become very business minded during May!
- Another Oakdale crossover is in the works and should happen during the first week of the month.
- A suicide attempt!
- A marriage proposal and wedding!
- Some faces from the past resurface: Eleni, Hawk & a few more!

A Genre First

- Around the middle of the month as things swing into high gear look for a story that has never been done (at least to my knowledge) in the actual daytime community! It's a subject I care quite a bit about and look forward to telling this story!

Casting News & Notes

- Sheree J. Wilson (ex-April, Dallas; ex-Alex, Walker Texas Ranger) will represent a yet unnamed character. The character is involved with two other blonde beauties Marah & Mindy!
- Suggestions are still be accepted for this character: Early 40s male character with leading potential. A man who is arrogant, mysterious, egotistical and devilishly handsome. Established actors only please!


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