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The Guiding Light: Episode 064
Saturday, April 28, 2007
Written By: Josh Hawkins & Dan Gobble


A new day in Springfield begins…but it will be like no day they’ve ever seen!


A meteorologist at WSPR is reporting that the mid-west can expect to see heavy down pour that has a chance of turning severe thunderstorm and possible tornados into the late evening, early morning hours. He warns Springfield citizens to grab their umbrellas today!


And Now "The Guiding Light"

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Tammy calls Shayne and asks him to come over to The Beacon for the night since the weather is going to be bad they can hold up in the suite, have room service and pay-per-view movies at their beck and call. Shayne says that will be great and reminds Tammy to make sure she has her college applications and brochures out so he can look through them with her. Tammy reluctantly agrees and they hang up, as Shayne is about to go meet with Alan-Michael, Derek calls and Shayne refuses to answer the call, saying he is protecting them at the moment!


Olivia tells Sandra that her and Cassie will need her to go to Cedars and meet with Lillian Raines the head nurse there and take a drug test, mandatory requirements. Sandra says that is fine and heads off.


Beth meets with a gallery owner in Springfield. Beth immediately begins talking her resume and huge interest in the art industry. Clearly Beth is thinking that the woman is looking to hire a vacant part-time position. But the woman tells Beth that is not the case. The art gallery owner says she knows Lillian through some organizations and Lillian referred her to Beth. The woman says she wants to sell her gallery and retire. Beth is surprised and says that it is something she would have to talk with her husband about and check the revenue and all. The woman offers up Beth all the finical records and tells her to spend as much time with them as possible, but she is only willing to sell to Beth and hopes to do it very soon.


Shayne and A-M finally meet and Shayne hands over the information from Lewis to him about the Cedars project. Shayne questions how he knows A-M destroyed the picture, A-M gives him the cell phone and assures he didn’t do anything with it. Shayne is not so willing to trust him but agrees that it’s a chance he was willing to take, Shayne tells A-M to forget this ever happened. A-M tells him to have fun dealing with the rest of his life.


Buzz is at Harley’s bedside still willing her to wake up when Frank arrives and suggest they get away for the night. Frank says that Rick is on duty as well as Mel and if there is any change then they’ll call. Buzz does not want to agree and Lucy arrives and says it would do them good, go up to the Bauer cabin, she says she talked to Rick and he agreed. Buzz says that he’ll only go if Lucy comes and she is says that she should stay, but A-M arrives and says that he’ll stay and keep vigil, insisting that it is the least he can do because of what Alexandra done. Buzz finally agrees and they leave for the Bauer cabin, while Ben and Marina arrive at the cabin for a winter wonderland night of passion.


Gus bursts through the church doors where Roger’s funeral was just held and says that is exactly where he thought he would find Alexandra!

:Fade to Black:

Next on “The Guiding Light!”
- The storm settles over Springfield...
- Holly and Ed come to blows!
- Marina has love on her mind!


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