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Actress Fired! Lisa Trusel to Return?! OLTL Star Joins Cast!




LIS can now reveal that Heather Olson(Lilly Spears, ex-Jan) has been fired from the LIS cast.

"I loved having Heather back, and I did enjoy writing for Lilly." the headwriter informed when asked to comment on why Olson was fired "But Lilly was a supporting character and small. She had a freindship with Sam, twin of Jan, and even had a small romance with Max. But the character's time has come. Her crimes were revealed and everything we had planned for her was already played out. We had to cut her from her contract early.."

Also, rumours have started swirling that Lisa Trusel(ex-Melissa Horton) will return to LIS! The headwriter even commented on it:

"It's a very strong possiblity, I've been wanting Lisa back for awhile, but we are still in talks with her. She would play a big role in this up coming story "The War". There may be returns in this huge story, she could be next!" the headwriter commented

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