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Spotlight on: Carly Corinthos Jax



Sarah Joy Brown plays the conniving, loyal, vulnerable, cunning and multifaceted character of Carly. She is the mother of Michael and Morgan, daughter of the deceased John Durant and Bobbie Jones. The current wife of Jasper Jax, she has children with AJ Quartermaine (Michael) and Sonny Corinithos (Morgan).

Carly was introduced onto the GH canvas as a young woman looking for her mother. She soon learned it was Bobbie and she was bent on revenge. She slept with her mother's husband, Tony and later married him. She later became involved with Sonny, her longest romantic involvement and is now married to Jax. Through her entire time in Port Charles, she has maintained a long enduring friendship with Jason.

Carly is not known for friendships with women. In fact, she can't tolerate Elizabeth, Robin and Brenda. The only woman that she could call a friend is the deceased Courtney and sometimes Sam, who has now returned but is under the influence of Helena. Carly is so jealous that Brenda and Sonny are back together she will work with Ned to keep them apart.

What's in store for Carly in the future? Look for her to get entangled in the Cassadine saga. She will be drawn in through Jason and search for Sam. She will prove again that she is a Spencer through and through. What will happen with Jax? There are no plans to bring him back onto the canvas at this time. Expect Carly to do everything that she can to break up Brenda and Sonny. If she can't have Sonny, no one can....


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