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Chapter 12 - Episode 4



Outside Greystone --

The explosion rocked the neighborhood and soon the TV crew was on the scene, as the officers tried to get their bearings in the aftermath. The fire and rescue units were called and the street soon became a chaotic disaster area. Unknown as to who was in the house when it exploded, Sonny and his family were everyone's concern.

Cabin safehouse --

Alexis had just put the girls to bed and had sat down on the couch. She curled up in the corner of the sofa and threw the afghan over her for warmth. Ric had walked into the living room and sat down beside as his cell phone began to ring.

"Lansing ...." he answered

"Boss, turn on the news .. you are never going to believe what has happened!" Thomas replied.

Ric and Alexis stared at the chaos surrounding Greystone as shocked looks came over their faces. Ric still hanging on the line with Thomas .... "Get me all the info you can, Thomas! I want details and I want them now!"

"Oh my God, Sonny and ....." Alexis overwhelmed with what she was watching unfold on television.

Ric pulled her close to him as they sat and watched the news report about the explosion and what was known at this time, which wasn't much according to the local news station.

Ric fought the urge to go back to town to find Sonny, but Alexis held him back and reminded him that he was also in danger, that he would be safer staying at the cabin. He hoped that someone would be calling with information to put his mind at ease about Sonny and the family.

A few blocks from the chaos --

"It went off without a hitch." said the dark figure hidden in the shadows as he talked into his cell phone.

"Good .... keep me informed."

The dark figure closed the phone and stood at a safe distance watching the chaos unfold as news crews showed up on the scene, and fire and rescue extinguished the flames. Flashing lights lit up the neighborhood as police cars arrived one right after the other. It was a spectacle to witness. Things were going as planned and no one suspected a thing.

On the docks --

Faith knowing full well that Trevor would follow through with his threats, she was planning on living to fight another day. She met with Lorenzo to tell him what had happened and to tell him she was going back to Miami. She would come up with another way to get Sonny and Ric's territory. She had to take out Trevor first. Lorenzo realized this might be the opportunity he was waiting for, he could move forward with the plans to gain the territory without Faith's help. It was already set into motion, they had done all the work over the past few months, he wasn't about to let it all go to waste. Trevor was after Faith, not him, he could do it alone and take it all for himself. He didn't need Faith for the plan to work.

At the hospital --

Emily and the family were informed that there were complications, but they were treatable. Relieved to hear, Emily breathed a little easier. She tried to call Zander to let him know, but she got his voice mail. She had been prescribed bed rest and plenty of it. The less stress she incurred the better, which seemed impossible being a cop's wife, but she had to try for the sake of their baby. She tried calling Zander over and over, but to no avail, he wasn't picking up. She began to worry about him and fear the worst. Her parents there with her, tried to keep her calm and relaxed but her mind just began to wander and to think of the worst case scenarios. Being a cop's wife, it came second nature. Her worries escalated when Monica got a page to go to the ER, there had been an explosion and a few officers were injured.

Emily feared the worst and it took everything in her to stay in bed instead of going down to the ER to see if one of those officers was her husband.

Coming up --

- There's a new threat in town

- Emily receives word about Zander

- Ric and Alexis fear the worst about Sonny and the family

- Lorenzo sets a plan into motion to take over the territory

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Now I am curious as to who set Greystone on fire....Sonny, perhaps? Whoever did it, it was an excellent way to create tons of fallout for all those involved in this story.

I hope Zander was not in that area when the explosion took place...I guess I will have to sit on the edge of my seat to see what takes place

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