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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

    • Kendall
    • Greenlee


-As Marlena lies unconscious on the floor, Sam grabs her up and pulls her towards the window, as she pulls Marlena out to the balcony and prepares to throw her off into the night, someone grabs her from behind and throws Sam back into the apartment! Sam is shocked by who it is.

-Jan turns in shock to see Belle, Jan doesn’t say anything and gets up and attacks Belle! She pins Belle to the wall and begins to strangle her!

-Caroline asks Lexie if Kayla is alright, Lexie tells Caroline that she was able to stabilize her, but the poison is a very rare poison and is causing Kayla to loose blood. She says they need a doner from someone in her family. Shawn Sr. steps up and says he won’t let his little girl die, Caroline asks him if he is sure, Shawn Sr. says he is and follows Lexie to a hospital room.

-John and Celeste try despartely to escape the Dimera grounds, once they finally escape John asks Celeste how she got there and how Stefano is alive. Celeste answers that she sensed a vibe of danger, and she does not know how Stefano is alive, she explains everything that happened last night with her and Stefano, she warns John that Stefano will not be the only Dimera to return to Salem.

-Bo decides to leave the hospital and goes to Hope’s house. While there Bo continues to try to convince Hope to come back to him. Hope reveals to Bo that she is planning Patrick’s funeral tomorrow, Bo asks Hope how she could plan the funeral of a man who worked for the Dimeras, Hope ignores the question and tells Bo he is NOT invited to the funeral. As they talk someone watches them from the window (and NOT the Mysterious Woman).

-Jack and Jennifer continue to bond, and grow closer to reuniting.

-Sam looks up to see the Mysterious Woman! Sam asks “What are you doing here? I never thought I would see you again.” and the Mysterious Woman says “Samantha, you didn’t think I was going to set you free and just walk off did you? I have been watching you, and I did set you free so you could take your revenge on Marlena, but we are doing this MY way, not yours. I have already gone against Marlena once, and failed. But I am making sure that this time I do not fail, and that means you obey me, and if you do as I say, soon Marlena will be dead…. This time for good.”


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