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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

    • Kendall
    • Greenlee


-Lucas convinces the paramedics to let him ride on the ambulance with them because he has to be with his soon to be wife.

-The mysterious woman tells Mimi that she has just arrived in Salem and that she was looking for a place to stay and then she asks Mimi what is wrong and comments that she looks very sad.

-Patrick tells Billie that Chelsea went to the bar and Billie is furious with Chelsea and tells Chelsea that she is grounded and that she may not leave Patrick’s house no matter what and Chelsea yells at Billie and tells her that this is how she repays her for breaking up Bo and Hope and Billie asks what she is talking about.

-The gloved hand sees the mysterious woman on the roof of the loft and curles its hand up in a fist and hides on the firescape to hear what she is saying to Mimi

-While in the ambulance Carrie starts to crash and as the paramedics try to revive her Lucas tells her to stay alive because he needs her as does the baby.

-Chelsea comes up with an excuse says to Billie that it came out wrong and she tried but stopped but Billie is still suspicious and tells Chelsea that she better have not done anything to Bo and Hope’s marriage and she tells her to go to her room angrily and Chelsea stomps off.

-Mimi tells the mysterious woman that her husband will never stop loving another woman that he has loved for all of his life and that if he finds out what she did that he would end their marriage for sure and then the mysterious woman asks what did she do.

-The paramedics manage to keep Carrie alive but they told Lucas that she is barely holding on and that she could die any moment but Lucas says that Carrie us strong and won’t die and then the ambulance arrived at the hospital so the paramedics rushed Carrie in a fast as they could and Lucas followed.


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