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DAYS #172: Abby & JJ say their goodbyes, Noelle & Anjelica lay into Nick





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


7mpLHru.png th6jCsG.png
Abby and JJ step out of the Brady Pub, while Jennifer and Laura settle up. JJ looks out at nothing in particular, while Abby puts her hand on JJ's shoulder.


ABBY: You know we'll miss you, right?


JJ looks down, nodding slowly.


JJ: Believe me, the feeling's mutual.


Abby's hand slides off JJ's shoulder, as she turns to stand beside him, both looking out at the sky.


JJ: It's funny, it was always so grey out in London. That winter after Dad died, it rained all through December and January. And one day, the sun finally came out after like...weeks of clouds, and...I promised myself I'd always take the time to enjoy it. No matter where I was.
ABBY: There's gonna be a lot of sun in California, JJ. You'll start taking it for granted.


JJ turns to Abby and smiles, shaking his head.


JJ: Nah. You never take it for granted. Just like family. You can't take it for granted. 


Abby smiles back at JJ, as JJ becomes emotional, and pulls Abby into a tight hug.


JJ: Take care of Mom and Grandma for me, okay?
ABBY: I will.




Gabi creeks open the door to Nick's bedroom, checking behind her to make sure no one spots her walking into the barely-unpacked room.


Gently closing the door behind her, she steps further into the room, and gives a cursory look around the room.


GABI: Alright, Nick. Where would you hide those pictures of us dumping your sorry ass in the river?


Gabi spies Nick's laptop bag, and smiles, knowingly. She steps slowly over to it, and is about to unzip it, when the door opens with a flourish, startling Gabi and making her shriek!


PERCY: Greetings!


Gabi turns around with a start, to find Percy standing in the doorway, confused by Gabi's presence in Nick's room.




NO1SJYT.png PP3hz7S.png
Nick looks at Noelle across the Kiriakis living room, confused by Noelle's sudden panic. Noelle walks toward Nick, a horrified expression on her face.


NOELLE: Nick, what did you say to Victor in his hospital room?
NICK: Who cares, Noelle? He's in a coma!
NOELLE: NO, HE'S NOT! That's what I'm trying to tell you. Anjelica tried to reach you last night but you never answered. Victor's awake.


The colour drains from Nick's face, as Anjelica casually strolls into the room.


ANJELICA: Ah! There you are, Nick! I didn't want to cause alarm earlier so I didn't ask, but I assume you got my message about Victor's "miraculous recovery"?


Nick looks away, as though he's going to be sick.


NICK: I have now.


Nick begins to hear the familiar high-pitched sound that accompanies his headache. Holding his forehead to try to put pressure on to help it subside, he disengages while Noelle explains the situation to Anjelica.


NOELLE: Apparently Nick never got the message, so he decided it would be a great idea to go to Victor's hospital room this morning and gloat about our plans.


Anjelica turns her head sharply, looking daggers at Nick.


ANJELICA: You have got to be kidding!


Nick shakes his head, trying to keep the pressure down, as Anjelica approaches him, annoyed.


ANJELICA: I messaged you last night, you never responded, and I've told you to keep that phone on you at all times. What were you thinking?


Nick, in the thoes of pain, tries to mask his symptoms, closing his eyes to try to keep the pressure down.


ANJELICA: I knew I should've followed you out of the room this morning, but I didn't want to have anyone figure out what we've been up to. But I guess I didn't have to worry, because you'd fill everyone in all on your own--


Nick explodes in rage, the pressure from the two women in the room plus his headache proving too much for him. He lurches forward and grabs Anjelica's arm, startling her.




A flash of unbridled rage stirs in Nick's eyes, as Anjelica looks back in terror, unable to move as Nick grasps Anjelica's arm painfully tight.


Noelle stands back, concerned but not sure how to handle the situation.







Noelle shouts out in terror at Nick, as Nick squeezes Anjelica's arms, a look of unbridled rage in his eyes.


NOELLE: Dammit, Nick, let her go! What's wrong with you?!


Nick realizes what he's doing and after a moment, the intensity in his eyes wears off, his grip loosening on Anjelica, who immediately breaks free and steps back, her expression immediately changing from fear to anger.


NICK: I'm sorry, I--
ANJELICA: You will be. I swear to God, Nick, if you weren't essential to my plans, you'd be back face-first in that river right now.
NICK: I know, I...


Nick's head begins to throb, as the high-pitched squeal returns, and his headaches intensifies again, drowning out Anjelica's words.


ANJELICA: I mean it, Nick. Don't you EVER lay a hand on me ever again, or I swear to God, it'll be the last thing you ever do.


Anjelica steps in closer to Nick, who is trying to hide his intense pain from her and Noelle.


ANJELICA: And believe me, I have the means and resources to make sure you are taken care of, so don't think for a SECOND you can outsmart me. Because I promise you, I will win.


Anjelica looks with the same intensity that Nick previously had, a finger raised in scolding to him, while Nick looks on, intimidated. 




Gabi looks over at a baffled Percy, who stands in the doorway of Nick's room.


GABI: Mr. Gr...Percy. You startled me.
PERCY: Gabriella. What are you doing here?
GABI: I could ask you the same thing. I don't think Nick was expecting you.


Percy steps into the room slightly, looking around for Nick to no avail.


PERCY: Well...the ah...the butler let me in, lovely chap. Hanson, was it?
GABI: Henderson.
PERCY: Right. Well, I actually came about because Nicholas and I had some business to discuss. 


Gabi looks at Percy, hoping he'll take off again so she can continue her search.


GABI: I see. Well, I think he's downstairs, if you want to catch up with him.
PERCY: Oh that won't be neccessary, I'm sure he'll be up shortly.


The two stare at each other, an awkward silence fills the air, before Gabi sighs audibly, trying to hold in her laughter at the absurdity of the situation.


GABI: Well, I was going to unpack my things, since I'm going to be moving in here, so...if you'll excuse me.
PERCY: Oh, not to worry, I'll try not to be in your way.


Percy sits down at Nick's desk, while Gabi looks on, annoyed by Percy sitting exactly where she intended to look. Unable to say anything to that effect, Gabi rolls her eyes and walks out of the room.


GABI: I'm sure Nick will be up in a moment.
PERCY: Oh, good to see you, Gabi!


Percy's goodbye to Gabi is cut off by the sound of her closing the door behind her. He looks over at the door, looking suspiciously as Gabi leaves the room.


On the other side of the door, Gabi grimaces, annoyed by Percy's foiling her attempt to find the pictures of Gabi, Kate, and Sami dumping Nick in the river. She takes off down the hall toward her own bedroom.




7SkLS1q.png CrNEeHU.png uhKFgct.png
Julie floats over to a table in the middle of the nearly-ready Penthouse Grille, while Will and Alex sit across from each other, blindfolded. Julie lays down two delicious desserts on the table for them to try, taking a spoonful each for them, and guiding their hands over to it.


JULIE: Alright, boys! This is the last one. La Pièce De Résistence!


Will and Alex both take a mouthful of the dessert, and savour the flavours. Even blindfolded, you can tell they're delighted.


WILL: Oh my God! Julie! This is....this is amazing.
ALEX: Seriously, this...if I come to this place every day once you're open, I'm gonna gain fifty pounds just from dessert alone.


Will, Alex, and Julie laugh, as Julie walks behind both of them and gently removes their blindfolds.


JULIE: I still got the touch, I guess.


Alex and Will look on in wonder as Julie reveals the elaborate dessert before them.


JULIE: Our chef is Michelin Star rated, and we'll be offering a unique feature dessert every evening that will combine delicious flavours with breathtaking design, such as what you see before you.


The decadent strawberry tarts sit before them, as Julie hands Alex and Will pictures of other desserts the chef has prepared before.


ALEX: Julie, I'm impressed. This place is ready.
JULIE: Oh, I hope so, Darlin'. (sigh) It's been a long time since I ran one of these places, and...I'll tell you, it's been great getting back into the habit.
WILL: Well, you're handling it like an old pro.


Julie smiles, but messes Will's hair slightly as she scolds him gently for his remark though her million-dollar smile.


JULIE: I may be a pro, dear cousin, but, a word of advice...don't ever call me old.


Alex snickers at Will and Julie, as Julie walks off toward the kitchen. Will blushes, embarrassed by his slip.


WILL: Oops.
ALEX: (laughs) Julie's a real wonder, you know that? I'm glad Maggie chose her to help run The Penthouse Grille, seriously.
WILL: So am I. I just hope now that...Nick's taken over the company that...you know...things don't go south.
ALEX: Don't worry about that. I'll protect you from anything that comes our way.


Will laughs, not sure whether he believes Alex or not.


WILL: Yeah, okay. Sure.
ALEX: Seriously! Will, what have you done that might cause things to go out of hand? You've done every job I've tasked you with, you've done an amazing job writing our press releases. You've even come up with ideas for campaigns I've never even considered. Titan would be so much worse off without you being here.


Will looks down, touched by, and slightly uncomfortable with Alex's compliments.


WILL: I guess I should thank you for that. Even if I don't believe it.
ALEX: Well, believe it. You're one of the best writers I've worked with.
WILL: Well, I just hope you still think so after Nick's on TV tonight.


Alex looks at Will with confusion, as he stabs at his dessert to take another bite.


ALEX: What do you mean by that?
WILL: (sigh) I mean, Nick has it out for me. He wants Gabi, he wants my daughter, and he resents that so far he can't have either. So he's gonna be looking for anything he can use against me to ruin my career and make me look like a deadbeat.
ALEX: Well, you're not. I know that, you know that, anyone who knows you knows that.
WILL: Yeah, but...if he goes out there and tells people on Nicole's special that I falsified those press releases for EnerNext...you may not have a choice but to fire me, Alex. And your job might be on the line, too.


Will looks concerned at Alex, who looks back, contemplating what Will's told him.




d95ur8g.png 2C8TX0C.png
JJ and Abby are still in mid-embrace outside the Brady Pub when Jennifer and Laura emerge from the pub, ready to leave. Mother and daughter smile, as their kin end their warm hug, turning to face them.


JENN: You know, I remember when I couldn't stop them from trying to kill each other when they were kids, and now look at them.


Laura and JJ crack up, though Abby's a bit more emotional, trying to fight back her tears.


JJ: Yeah, well, that's probably because I stopped trying to pull her hair out when she walked ahead of me.
ABBY: Yeah, I'm amazed I'm not bald from that.


Abby looks at JJ, giving him sideeye, as the others laugh. Abby finally cracks a smile as she envisions the memories.


As the laughter dies down, Jennifer also becomes emotional, taking a second to drink in her grown son, as he begins his new life in college.


JENN: Your father would be so proud of you, JJ. 
LAURA: Your mother's right. You've come so far in so little time. We're all...so proud of you.


JJ, also trying to keep from crying, walks over and gives his mother and grandmother big hugs. As he ends his hug with Laura, JJ and Laura share an extended look, before JJ speaks at barely more than a whisper.


JJ: Look out for them, okay?


Laura nods in agreement, before JJ and Laura hug again, before JJ turns to head off.


JJ: I love you guys!
JENN: You me you'll call me when you get there.


As JJ takes off toward his car, Laura looks on, more worried than the others, as she thinks of the worries she has with Liam.


LAURA: (voiceover) My God, JJ. I hope you stay safe, and nail that bastard, Liam.




Liam walks along the pier, shivering from the chilled riverside air. He heads for the Brady Pub through the fog, and is only stopped by the sound of his ringing cell phone.


Checking quickly to see who's calling, he promptly answers, sighing in frustration.


LIAM: (into phone) What?




Anjelica stands in her bedroom at the Kiriakis mansion, leaning against the vanity while she speaks on her own cell phone.


ANJELICA: (into phone) We need to talk.




Liam rolls his eyes, exasperated.


LIAM: (into phone) About what?




ANJELICA: (into phone) Nick Fallon. He may have compromised the entire plan, and he needs to be dealt with.




Liam looks frustrated, and concerned by Anjelica's strong words.




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