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DAYS #170: Sheryl & Crystal's big showdown, Bo meets the Patient





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


EJ stands in the DiMera living room, sipping on cognac, as he looks out through the terrace doors.


The sound of the front door opening and closing doesn't deter him, as he keeps his focus out on the lovely day.


From the foyer, a familiar voice calls out to him, as they step inside.


It's Liam.


LIAM: You called?


EJ continues to stare out the window, his only acknowledgement of Liam's arrival is a sly smile that appears on his face as Liam stands in the doorway of the living room, awaiting a response.




y4X3Uus.png Ge7gfan.png
Bo stands around the corner from the living room at the DiMera compound in Italy, listening in as Stefano and Rolf sit before a roaring fire in the fireplace, cackling away at their latest scheme.


DR. ROLF: So what is our progress on the Salem front?
STEFANO: Ohhh, Rolf. The greatest news. Our friend Nicholas has succeeded in taking the Kiriakis holdings. 
DR. ROLF: Excellent news! So when do we make the exchange public?


Stefano leans in, taking a puff of his cigar before responding.


STEFANO: First of all, Anjelica must be elected first as state governor. Once this goal is accomplished, we can unleash our new recruit, and retrieve John Black. Once we have him, we can get the final piece to the puzzle for the alternative fuels project, and we will revolutionize the energy sector.
DR. ROLF: But Stefano, that is Nicholas Fallon's project. Wouldn't he have the information we need?


Stefano gets up from his seat, walking slowly over to the bar, where he pours himself a drink as he speaks. Bo stands off to the side, in disbelief as to what he's hearing.


STEFANO: There is an additive that was considered after our dear friend, Mr. Fallon sold the project to Titan. The government tested it, but shelved it when funding ran out. They never released the information, but the ISA knows what it is. John Black has this information, Rolf. It is the key to maximizing the efficacy of the fuel source.


Stefano turns as a hand reaches across to cover Bo's mouth and pulls his back, disappearing from Stefano's view almost in time.


STEFANO: And it will be ours!


Stefano looks at Rolf, but notices a movement around the corner, and looks over. Seeing nothing, he studies further. Rolf turns around to see what Stefano's looking at, but no one is there.




The elevator doors open to the parking garage under University Hospital. Sheryl steps out, dressed as Nurse Crystal Clarke, who lies in the back of Crystal's SUV, after Sheryl knocked her out.


Sheryl hastily walks over to the truck, unlocking the doors remotely, before stepping inside.


Once inside, Sheryl turns the car on, and hurriedly drives out of the parking garage, exiting University Hospital.



Driving down the road on her way out of the city, Sheryl is blissfully unaware of Crystal's presence behind her, assuming Crystal is still tied up and unconscious. However, we notice the shine of the tire iron slowly become visible behind Sheryl's head.


At a red light, Sheryl adjusts her mirror, to see Crystal, now untied, wielding a tire iron aimed at Sheryl's head, and ready to swing.


Sheryl's eyes lock with Crystal's, as Sheryl's widen in terror at her potential demise at the hands of the woman she captured.






EJ stares out the window at the DiMera mansion, holding an empty rocks glass in his hand, smiling as Liam steps into the living room.


EJ: You finally decided to show up.
LIAM: It's not like you gave me much choice, you know.
EJ: It was extremely important.
LIAM: So I gathered. So what's this all about?


EJ finally turns around, spotting an annoyed Liam standing near the piano.


EJ: Well, I requested something from you not long ago, and I've yet to recieve it.
LIAM: Yes, and you're not going to.


EJ places his empty rocks glass on the desk near the french doors. He turns back to face Liam, now visibly irritated.


EJ: And why's that?
LIAM: Well, I was at Club TBD last night with Jennifer, and...I spotted your little friend Gabi there with Nick Fallon. She was not looking too well, and neither was he. And I realized what was happening.


Liam saunters slowly over to the couch, sitting himself down as he continues to explain himself to EJ.


LIAM: You're giving Gabi those drugs to give to Nick.
EJ: And just what's wrong with that?
LIAM: What are you up to, EJ?
EJ: Well, I don't see how that's any of your busine--


Liam's temper escalates as he cuts EJ off.


LIAM: Oh, the Hell it isn't.


EJ is stunned into silence by Liam's reaction. He watches as Liam gets up from his seat and walks toward EJ in a somewhat menacing way.


LIAM: You have been working against your family interests for weeks now and I wanna know why.
EJ: The family's interests aren't neccessarily my interests.


Liam chuckles as he steps in closer to EJ, keeping a tension between them that belies Liam's cool expression.


LIAM: Your interests are making sure that Sami never finds out about Abigail, or her baby. I know that. Anjelica knows that. You know that. 


Liam leans intimately close to EJ, and almost hisses out his next words in a whisper to EJ.


LIAM: Stefano knows that.


Liam pokes EJ in the chest as he utters EJ's father's name. EJ barely budges, and his expression remains stoic, as Liam smiles almost maniacally.


LIAM: So, I...am not going to let you ruin this. So you either keep in line with the plan, or those pictures our friend Percy took of you and Abby get made public. And you know how much I love that little girl. I'd never want to hurt her. 


Liam steps back over to EJ, walking in close to him to taunt him one more time.


LIAM: So...choose wisely, EJ.


Liam walks out of the room, leaving EJ behind, a simmering rage inside him.




Dr. Rolf gets off the phone, as Stefano pours himself a drink.


Rolf looks up at Stefano, concern in his eyes.


DR. ROLF: I've got security checking the house to double check if anyone got in.
STEFANO: Excellent. We cannot be too careful.
DR. ROLF: Speaking of which, Stefano...I don't mean to...shall we say, stick my nose where it doesn't belong but...you're drinking an awful lot. It's not good for your diabetes...


Stefano takes a big gulp of his drink, sounding refreshed as he sets his drink down on the coffee table before sitting down in an armchair.


STEFANO: I normally would not, but we have plenty to celebrate. So today, I will make an exception.


Rolf bites his tongue, pressing on with the matters at hand.


DR. ROLF: Alright...if you say so.
STEFANO: Believe me, Rolf. We have all of Salem right where we want them. And there isn't a single thing that could happen now to stop us.




 Down at the bottom of the staircase to the cellar of the DiMera compound, Steve leans in and speaks softly into Bo's ear.


STEVE: It's just me.


Bo fights Steve off, turning around angrily.


BO: The Hell, Steve.


Steve is quick to get Bo to simmer down. Putting his finger to his lips before Bo can continue.


STEVE: You were thiiiis close to getting found out, my man.

BO: Maybe, but I found out a whole lot about what Old Man DiMera's up to.
STEVE: Oh yeah? I found something too, but you first.


Bo steps in closer to Steve to fill him in, checking around carefully to ensure no one overhears.


BO: This whole thing back home with Titan? Nick Fallon taking it over in some big coup?
STEVE: Yeah, I heard about that, Kayla told me.
BO: Well, I'd been wondering how he got his hands on all that money to buy them out. Turns out, DiMera, and Anjelica Deveraux are behind it.


Steve's face twists, stunned to hear Anjelica's name pop up.


STEVE: Anjelica? How the Hell does she fit into it?
BO: I dunno, man. This is just getting more and more complicated the more we dig up.


Steve comes up behind Bo and smiles.


STEVE: Speaking of digging things up. 


Bo turns to face Steve, looking confused, as Steve motions toward the door at the end of the hall they've just walked down.

Bo and Steve step toward it, opening the door, to reveal the rows of dimly lit prison cells. Bo steps inside, in awe, Steve following closely behind him.


STEVE: Check it out, partner!


Bo looks around in awe, as the dimly lit room lights up as Steve lights a gas lantern sitting on a nearby table.


BO: What the...what is this place?
STEVE: DiMera's dungeon, from the looks of it. Mostly empty, too. Except for one thing.


Steve points to the largest cell. 


BO: Stefano's new Pawn


Bo strains to see, as he takes the lantern and walks slowly over to the cell, seeing a man crouched in the corner. Bo looks over at Steve, unsure who the man is.


BO: We got a key in here? 
STEVE: Nah, man, I couldn't find one.
BO: Dammit.


Bo walks over, as close as he can to the man in the corner, trying not to startle him. 


Reaching through the bars of the cell, he touches the man. The man flinches wildly at first, before both he and Bo realize who the other is.


Bo looks on, completely stunned, as Steve looks on, thrilled.


BO: Oh my God...




Sheryl is frozen, staring through her rear-view mirror at Crystal, who threatens her with a tire iron from the back seat of her SUV, a maniacal look in her eyes.


CRYSTAL: Don't....move. Or I'ma kill ya.


Sheryl doesn't flinch, not even moving her hand from the rear view mirror, as she studies Crystal's slow movement from behind her.


CRYSTAL: Now, I'm gonna count to three, and you're gonna drive this truck to the next parking lot, and put your hands up, and you're gonna keep em up. And you're gonna explain to me just what the Hell's goin' on here.

SHERYL: Crystal, I do--


As Sheryl tries to object, the light turns green, and Crystal's shrill command cuts Sheryl off.




Crystal's Southern drawl tightens into an imperative, terse command. Sheryl immediately complies, slowly stepping on the gas to head through the intersection.


CRYSTAL: Right here...turn now, or you're gonna get it.


Sheryl ignores Crystal's order, suddenly accelerating, and knocking Crystal back in her seat.


Crystal struggles to get back upright, as Sheryl drives to try to thwart Crystal's attempts on her life.


CRYSTAL: Stop this truck, right now, dammit!


Sheryl pulls over on a quiet side road. Braking hard, Crystal stumbles forward, dropping the tire iron beneath the back seat.


CRYSTAL: Dammit!


Now outside the city, there are no witnesses around to spot them. Sheryl puts the SUV in park, and takes the keys out quickly, while Crystal lurches forward to hunt for the tire iron, her only hope to save herself.


Sheryl leaps from her seat, out the front door of her SUV, before running to the backseat herself, opening the door and prying Crystal from the floor of the SUV before Crystal can find the tire iron, or escape.


CRYSTAL: No, don't...
SHERYL: Get back here, you--


The two women struggle in the backseat, as Sheryl finds the tire iron before Crystal can.


In terror, Crystal throws open the back passenger side door of the SUV, in hopes of escaping, but Sheryl runs around the opposite side and, as Crystal exits the vehicle and tries to make a run for it, Sheryl swings the tire iron at Crystal.


SHERYL: Oh no you don't.


Sheryl's swing strikes Crystal hard in the head, as Crystal falls to the ground outside the truck, mortally wounded.


Sheryl slowly steps toward Crystal's lifeless body, and looks down upon it, coldly.


SHERYL: Well....looks like it's time for Plan B.





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