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GH: The Holly & Luke HIDEOUT!


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Very naughty of me because i like Lacy as much as the next person but i ADORE Luke & Holly's chemistry.

I know Emma Samms isnt a permanent fixture on the show cause she's based in England but i hope Lully (or Hoke?) at least reignite their affair.

I want them together, dammit!!!

Am i the only one that sees the incredible magic they have together? That scene in the tub was hot!

If Holly can't be with Luke, id love to see her seduce DILLON haha, imagine Tracy's reaction! I'll miss Emma! :(

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Lolly isn't my top choice, but I wouldn't mind seeing it. There's no denying the chemistry between Tony and Emma. I absolutely love their scenes together. Ever since Anna came back, I've been enjoying GH so much.

YAY! Lolly fan!!!! We exist! We exist! We exist!

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QUOTE(Chris B @ May 20 2006, 08:30 AM)

They are absolutely fierce! i cannot wait to see this weeks marathon and catch up!

BTW, how were Bill and Holly in the early 90s?

I was pretty young but i remember bits and pieces, Bill messed around with Holly and didnt commit, she ended up dumping him. They were smoldering then though, theyve never lost that special spark.

Here is an AMAZING music video i found on youtube of Holly/Luke/Skye


i love it, its creative and compelling.

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