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Daytime Emmy Winners No Longer With Us


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A few years back I created a thread to remember the work of Daytime Emmy winners that were no longer with us, but that thread is now archived. I'm recreating an updated thread for us to remember their best work. Listed are Daytime Emmy winners no longer with us, in date order of their wins:

Macdonald Carey - Lead Actor 1974, 1975

Elizabeth Hubbard - Lead Actress 1974

Larry Haines - Lead Actor 1976; Supporting Actor 1981

Val Dufour - Lead Actor 1977

James Pritchett - Lead Actor 1978

Al Freeman Jr. - Lead Actor 1979

Irene Dailey - Lead Actress 1979

Peter Hansen - Supporting Actor 1979

Douglass Watson - Lead Actor 1980, 1981

Warren Burton - Supporting Actor 1980

David Lewis - Supporting Actor 1982

Larry Gates - Supporting Actor 1985

David Canary - Lead Actor 1986, 1988, 1989, 1993, 2001

Justin Gocke - Younger Actor 1989

Henry Darrow - Supporting Actor 1990

Bernard Barrow - Supporting Actor 1991

Anne Heche - Younger Actress 1991

Kristoff St. John - Younger Actor 1992; Supporting Actor 2008

Gerald Anthony - Supporting Actor 1993

Michael Zaslow - Lead Actor 1994

Jerry verDorn - Supporting Actor 1995, 1996

Charles Keating - Lead Actor 1996

Stuart Damon - Supporting Actor 1999

Benjamin Hendrickson - Supporting Actor 2003

Jeanne Cooper - Lead Actress 2008

Billy Miller - Supporting Actor 2010, 2013; Lead Actor 2014

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No one has ever won posthumously, at least among the actors. The only posthumous nomination I remember is Rosalind Cash (Mary Mae, GH) off the top of my mind. Most of these people passed long after they left daytime.

Just odd to see some of those names like Anne Heche, KSJ, and Billy Miller. Benjamin Hendrickson still breaks my heart almost 20 years later.

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