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WGA advising writers to fire their agents


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This situation has certainly been evolving into an interesting one. 

The paramount (no pun intended) issue seems to be that the agents from the four biggest firms are working out agreements with the studios where agents have been benefiting on the 'back end' and getting a good percentage of the profits from the work of their clients, the writers, who do not appear to be profiting from these separate agreements.  Writers wanted their agents to sign a code of conduct agreement, which the agencies have not agreed to, hence the clarion call from the WGA/WGAE.


JMO but I think the entire system, including the WGA needs to be revamped.  Agents have become defacto gatekeepers for studios and too many writers are stuck outside of full membership, despite the actual creation of interesting work.  Also, the road to the 'Writer's Room' can be very slow and plodding and riddled with obstacles.


It would be interesting to see a film and television industry where agencies like WME are not as powerful as they currently are.





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