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December 29, 2017

Executive Producer
Ken Corday

Co-Executive Producers
Albert Alarr
Greg Meng

Janet Spellman-Drucker

Directed By
Scott McKinsey

Written By
Ron Carlivati

Sheri Anderson
Ryan Quan

Lorraine Broderick
Rick Draughon
Jeanne Marie Ford
Dave Ryan
Elizabeth Snyder
Fran Myers

Lisa Connor
Carolyn Culliton
Richard Culliton
David Kreizman
Rebecca McCarty

Coordinating Producer
Randy Dugan

Production Coordinator
Brenda Freedman

Production Manager
Jeff Voorhees

Theme By
Charles Albertine
Tommy Boyce
Bobby Hart

Music Composed By
Ken Corday
D. Brent Nelson

Music Directors
Steve Reinhardt
D. Brent Nelson
Paul F. Antonelli

Production Designer
Dan Olexiewicz

Associate Directors
Joseph H. Lumer
Michael Fiamingo

Stage Managers
Francesca Bellini De Simone
Stuart W. Howard

Production Associates
Holly Metts
Lucy Yalenian

Property Master
Steve Dempsey

Art Director
Tom Early

Assistant Art Director
Danielle Mullen

Assistants to the Producers
Lois Winslow
Kathy Edwards
Charles Shrewsbury
Lucy Yalenian
Evanne Drucker

Continuity Assistant
Jessie Harrison

Production Finance
Cynthia Aamoth
Terri Lynn Doubet
Bruno Gerardo

Writers’ Assistants
Tyler Topits
Natalie Michaud
Kirk Doering

Maya Frangie

Casting By
Marnie Saitta

Casting Associate
Bob Lambert, C.S.A.

Costume Design
Richard Bloore

Jammie Harris
Sara Auhagen
Cleo Mannell
Kristen Samuilow
Jennifer Seery
Nina Stoller

Makeup Artists
Nicky Schillace
Deidre Decker
Karen Dahl
Elizabeth Dahl

Armando Licon
Daniela Martinez
Georgette Sweet

Technical Directors
J.C. O'Neill
Mike Caruso

Lighting Directors
Ted Polmanski
Mark Levin

Nick Kleissas

Boom Operators
Harry Young
Stu Rudolf

John Sizemore
Mark Warshaw
Victoria Walker
Mike Denton

Post Producer/A.D.
Lugh Powers

Jenee Muyeau
Samantha Stone

Post Production Audio
Kevin K. Church

Videotape Operator
Brian Duclos

Senior Video
Alexis Dellar Hanson

Electronic Maintenance
Marko Fox

Special Effects
Greg Church

Wendceslao De La Cerna
Ramsin Babanejad
Ramsin Givergis

Produced at the Burbank Studios
A Worthe Real Estate Group Property

Executive in Charge of Production
Greg Meng







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