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Fall 2018-19 Lineup


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I really don't know what schedulers are doing anymore. They seem to set shows up for failure instead of success. Not at all what I'd have armchaired. Not really sure why they'd pair The Gifted with Lethal Weapon. Not sure why they aren't using The Resident, 9-1-1 and Lethal Weapon to launch new shows. I also thought they should have kept Bob's Burger's at 7:30 and aired Orville at 9, like they aired X-Files there for years and it became a hit there. It makes so much sense to me there. Oh well.


But here ya go



8:00PM - The Simpsons

8:30PM - Bob's Burgers

9:00PM - Family Guy

9:30PM - Rel (New Series)



8:00PM - The Resident

9:00PM - 9-1-1



8:00PM - The Gifted

9:00PM - Lethal Weapon



8:00PM - Empire

9:00PM - Star



8:00PM - Football



8:00PM - Last Man Standing

8:30PM - The Cool Kids

9:00PM - Hell's Kitchen


Well, at least Friday was smart. Wednesday stays the same. Football should do well for them so that should be an improvement. Just not sure what they're thinking on the dramas. I guess they figure if they're popular people will watch no matter where they put them but I think timeslots still matter, as does the pairing of compatible shows, those things still matter even in the age of binge watching and DVR-ing.


Mid-season seems to be "the new fall" so to speak. More buzzy shows debut then and they typically try harder to make these shows succeed. Fall almost seems like a burn off for new shows they know probably won't stick around. I know that sounds weird but I can already guess Orville won't do well going forward. Rel is probably DOA. Lethal Weapon/The Gifted looks like a disaster night. I wouldn't have had 9-1-1 in the fall. I guess I get pairing The Resident and 9-1-1 but eh. IDK.


It's like they just shove some things somewhere. lol

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    • Victoria outscheming EVERYONE.  Finally.   Such an interesting story about all the men assuming that the poor little woman is clueless and incompetent.  Everyone having conversations about this. (Men assuming that "the poor little woman is incapable of making rational decisions for herself" is really reflecting society right now.)   And meanwhile she is secretly being the queen here and taking down Ashland in her own way and on her own terms, without being *rescued* by any man. They are so underestimating her! Destroy them all!
    • That's a very true point & a very scary estimation.
    • Seriously, given the resources they have, compared to GL at the end, I think they are much worse.
    • There were three of those "series". Chad & Abby in Paris, Chapter One  Eight episodes Aug. 1 – Sept. 5, 2019 Chad & Abby in Paris, Chapter Two Eight episodes Sept. 19 – Nov. 7, 2019 Last Blast Reunion (takes place in New York City) Eight episodes Nov. 29, 2019 – Jan. 16, 2020 They were on a special "app" called the "DOOLapp" and that app was available only in the US.  You had to have the app -- they couldn't be watched in a regular browser window. They weren't streaming, and they weren't podcasts, but they were sort of like that.  Some viewers referred to the episodes as "appisodes" for lack of a better term.  The show officially called it a "Digital Series".  Each episode was between 6 and 10 minutes long.  The first few were uploaded at once; and then one episode was uploaded each week thereafter. These series sort of had same concept as what Beyond Salem does now - Salem characters interacting outside of Salem. It was canon.  But if you only watched the main daytime show and never knew about the DOOLapp "appisodes", it wouldn't disrupt your continuity of watching the main daytime show. The characters of Chad and Abby had exited the main daytime show prior to this. They had left Salem and were living in Paris.   This was a quick way to check in with the characters without requiring a longterm taping commitment for the actors.  The episodes were so short that I think each "chapter" was filmed in a few days. They introduced the character of Li Shin (Remington Hoffman) for the very first time in  "Chad and Abby in Paris".  Li and Chad worked in the Paris office of DiMera Enterprises.   Later on, Hoffman debuted as Li on the main daytime show in April 2020. For the digital "Last Blast Reunion" in New York, they brought back several of the original actors from the Last Blast Dance teen crowd of old for a reunion - who hadn't been on the main daytime show in many many years. Including Jay Kenneth Johnson and Heather Lindell -- who came to the main daytime show later in 2020. In a different sort of carryover ...  the 2019 Chad and Abby in Paris apartment set was used for the first time for the main daytime show in 2020 -- the set was used briefly at various times when Salem characters were running from the police and went to France and hid out at the DiMera Paris apartment.
    • @Vee Pathetic stuff.  Reminds me that earlier today Jordan Charlton, yet another Bernie dead-ender/accelerationist, was tweeting out Puck News as the gospel truth (an article about how shocked Republicans are at Democrats not doing more after the Dobbs decision).  I don't think it will sway many, because those who fall for this tend to be already be unlikely to vote for Democrats anyway, but the full court press from the garbage dump left, desperately working  to drown out any sense of motivation or activism, has been staggering, and shows just how in bed they are with the right.  Here is Jezebel blatantly misleading people that Biden is soon going to appointed an anti-abortion judge: Media Matters: There is so much more where this has come from, including deadenders pushing people to boycott Planned Parenthood and instead donate to cult groups like Rise Up.
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