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Performers who passed away in 2014

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These performers passed away in 2014. Listed is their most recognizable daytime role.

Lew Brown 89 Grandpa Shawn DOOL

Joe La Due 71 Derek Thurston Y&R

Ralph Waite 85 Father Matt DOOL

Lee Chamberlin 76 Pat Baxter AMC

Richard Coogan 99 Paul Raven LOL

Matthew Cowles 69 Billy Clyde Tuggle AMC

Phyliss Frelich 70 Sister Sarah SB

Louan Gideon 58 Liza Sentell SFT

Justin Gocke 36 Brandon Capwell SB

Bob Hastings 89 Burt Ramsey GH

Roger Hill 64 Alec Lowndes OLTL

Charles Keating 71 Carl Hutchins AW

Sheila Macrae 92 Mildred Lascoe SFT

Nancy Malone 78 Robin Fletcher GL

Victoria Mallory 64 Leslie Brooks Y&R

Don Matheson 84 Cameron Faulkner GH

Mary Ann Mobley 74 Jonelle Andrews GH

Ed Nelson 85 Mark Denning Capitol

James Rebhorn 65 Bradley Raines GL

Joan Rivers 81 Meredith Dunstan AW

Elaine Stritch 89 Mrs DeGroot EON

Dane Witherspoon 56 Joe Perkins SB

Carmen Zapata 86 Carmen Castillo SB

Efrem Zimbalist Jr 95 Jim Gavin Concerning Miss Marlowe

Victor Holchak 74 Jim Phillips DOOL

Marian Seldes 86 Sonya Cramer OLTL

Ruby Dee 92 Martha Frazier GL

Behind the Camera

Ann Marcus 93 Headwriter DOOL,GH,SFT etc

Larry Auerbach 91 Director LOLetc

Robert Costello 93 Producer DS,TD etc

Sam Hall 93 Writer AW,DS,TBD,OLTL etc

Peggy O'Shea 91 Headwriter OLTL,AWetc

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How did I black out Charles Keating's passing? Reading that just now made my stomach sink as if I'd never known.

I don't think I remembered Larry Auerbach's passing either. I was just watching the final episode of LOL the other night. I have somewhat of a newfound interest in that show.

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