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Write your own soap bible

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While Anna and Luke are hooking up, Luke's phone call rings. He picks up and it's Laura. She is screaming for help. The call only lasts a few minutes, but Luke hears someone yelling in the background -- Jennifer Smith.

Anna and Luke contact Serena in Europe and ask when her step-mother was last seen. Serena tells LnA that they left for the airport a week ago to head to PC for a surprise visit and hasn't heard from them since, besides an email from Laura. Serena tells them that the email says Scott n Laura lost their cellphones and that they are fine. Serena tells them that she was shocked because the email address was new and not the one that Laura used.

Not wanting to scare Serena, they don't tell her about the phone call. Unable to trace the call, LnA track down Jennifer's husband Baggs. They go to see him in Florida. Baggs tells Luke and Anna that Jennifer and Baggs broke up awhile ago and that the reason was because Jenn was obesssed with Luke. Baggs leads LnA to his basement...

more later

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