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My Husband's Lover - A Filipino soap (Pinoy Telenovela) on the GMA Network


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Since July, a group of Filipinos from across the globe have been working together (mhlteam2013) to provide English subtitles to My Husband's Lover (MHL), one of the biggest and most popular soap operas in the Philippines. The series concluded last month with a total of 94 episodes. At the time of this post, 86 eps. have been uploaded.

It's about a closeted gay married man named Vincent who begins a secret affair with Eric, his high school sweetheart. The writing of MHL harkens back to the romantic supercouple type of storytelling found in American soaps back in the day.

One complaint that some viewers have about the show is that MHL moves on to the next scene when Eric and Vincent are about to kiss. Scenes of Vincent and Eric kissing were filmed, but not included in the aired episodes because the show was being strictly monitored by the regulartory board (Filipino equivalent to the FCC) and the Catholic church. Apparently these scenes are included in the dvd release. So the writers and director use a lot of symbolism to get around this issue.

You might find some later parts of the show's storyline questionable, but what is consistent is the wonderful acting and directing.

Here's the 1st episode. For those who don't know, you can turn on the English subtitles by clicking on the captions (CC) icon. I recommend avoiding the end credits sneak preview because it tends to spoil future episodes.


Here's mhlteam2013's main page,


The two songs played though out the series are

"One More Try" by Kuh Ledesma (She plays Vincent's mom)


"Help Me Get Over" by Jonalyn Viray


Both are nice songs, but you will discover they get overplayed on the show.

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