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How about a soap about male strippers?

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Maybe even a DAYS spin-off. I liked the stripping scenes on DAYS so much that it gave me an idea that they should create a soap from it. Maybe an online soap a la AMC/OLTL. That way it can be extremely racy.

The main characters are:

Cameron, played by Nathan Owens, who's a doctor by day and a stripper by night.

Jackson, played by Boris Kodjoe, the level-headed one of the group.

Danny, played by Trevor Donovan, the gay stripper of the group.

Antonio, played by Adrian Bellani.

Paul, played by Mark Lawson, the hot-headed badass of the group.

Skylar, played by Brian Bloom, the oldest stripper of the group.

In addition to the dancing, the sex, and the sleaze, the show can also be very dark with storylines involving drugs, shady deals, shady characters, murder, and all sorts of mayhem.

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