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January 12, 2012

Created By

Agnes Nixon

Executive Producer

Frank Valentini

Written By

Ron Carlivati

Jean Passanante

Anna Theresa Cascio

Chris Van Etten

Daniel James O’Connor

Lorraine Broderick

Scott Sickles

Katherine Schock

Directed By

Jen Pepperman

Senior Producer

Suzanne Flynn


Mary-Kelly Weir


Sonia Blangiardo

Coordinating Producer

Jacqueline Van Belle

Assistant Producer

Leah M. Weber

Production Designer

Roger Mooney

Costume Designer

Susan Gammie

Casting Director

Julie Madison CSA

Associate Directors

Tracy Casper Lang

Teresa Anne Cicala

Michael Sweeney

Jennifer Pepperman

Editedy By

Teresa Anne Cicala

Post Production Supervisor

Margo Husin Call

Production Associates

Nathalie Rodriguez

Kevin Brush

Stage Managers

Alan Needlemen

Keith Greer

Tracy Casper Lang

Technical Directors

Doug Schmitt

Rob Santeramo

Music Director

Paul S. Glass

Post-Production Audio

Dave Marino

Original Music By

Paul S. Glass

David Nichtern

Lee Holdridge

Kurt Biederwolf

Theme By

Lee Holdridge

David Nichtern

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