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Best Catfights:

Macy vs. Brooke 
Date: July, 21, 1999
Episode: #3094


-> the closing credits do not match the episode though; the cast credits do not belong to the week where this episode aired!?


Stephanie vs. Brooke
Date: August, 03, 1999
Episode: #3103

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The only problem Ihave watching the retro episodes are that I can't stand Caroline. She is so generic... so predictable... i start to fall asleep when she comes up. I know lots of people like her... but I don't get it.


God I hope they upload on that site... through 1990..1991.1992 and 1993. They already did 1987-1989. If only we could know how many seasons they will upload. It's very strange B&B doing this only in this country, but not in the USA. Why don't they give all fans around the world this chance to watch.


And again... the episodes from the official channel continue to disturb me. I watched one from 2005 today and there were montage marks and ideas pasted on the footage. I could hear someone laugh during another scene from back... How is this mess public. HOW. Are they lunatics.

P.S Amy just uploaded an episode. I am downloading immediately.

Also... I dont' want to sound ungrateful to Amy... I am sure she is doing this for the fans and it's very hard to keep these uploads ... but if CBS was blocking so many of her videos, why haven't they deleted her channel. I've gotten my channel deleted after 3 blocks and I think this is the rule. 3 videos claimed by another party and if you can't object... they delete your channel. So it's very odd she is still up. Maybe I don't understand something?


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23 minutes ago, Marquise said:

Macy Vs Brooke (1999) - Macy finds Brooke hiding underneath her bed.

http://www.filefactory.com/file/3o1wqg0gh399/Best Catfights Macy vs Brooke.mp4

I have trouble dowloading this.

All other files were ok. This gives me high trafic since yestarday :(

B&B Episode 3092 Best Catfights Macy vs Brooke 1999 https://we.tl/t-VAx8BSwfsC

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