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Y&R: Casting call for new role

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Except Tucker was supposed to be exactly Jill's age - 56 was it?

One reason I never understood the re-cast with SN, was that Tucker should have been able to play love interest for both Nikki and Jill. Story wise it made much more sense, and they were both in need of them. If they were going to shift Tucker to rival Victor, Nikki would have been the next best choice for a Tucker pairing. Ashley was perfectly set up for Neil at the time, they didn't even give it a chance.

That's why they need to keep Colin. If SN has already been thought to be un-pairable with Nikki/Jill, where does he go after Ashley? Hiring an actor that is 60 years old but unsuitable for Nikki/Jill was totally ridiculous. :angry: We already have a huge number of male actors in their 50's or above and Jill/Nikki have already played that field. I for one don't want him with Sharon or Phyllis, I'm tired of them with older men. I felt like Sharon was married to her Dad with Jack.

I wish they wouldn't have killed off Blake, he would have worked with Ashley and anyone younger than her. So I'm all for sexy new cowboy in his 40's, if he looks like Brad.

I think he is the only actor on the cast in his 40s. I may be forgetting someone but their seems to be a huge age gap with the men, after Nick 36 the next oldest is Micheal 52, if you take out Neil. Have they tried Neil with Phyllis? I would like a redo with Ashley, but Leslie might be nice too. I think Leslie and Nick would be better though.

I always thought they would try Phyllis/Cane especially after Amber left, he really had an attitude then. They should have had Cane/Lily try divorce and re-pairing before killing him off.

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SN as tucker is a complete flop the moment EB came back the writers had no use for him all. also wasn't it Barbra Bloom who wanted him for the tucker role not MAB.

Also I thought the only reason Tucker was put with ashley because PR wanted SN and ED as a couple because of their work on SB.

anyway the tucker/ashley pairing sucks they are boring as hell and ashley always comes across as a cold fish in her on romantic pairing.

looks like neil his hooking up with sofia and predictable is that.

Rumor is the new cowboy is a new love interest for flap jacks phyliss :(

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