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    • Very well put. My guess is that Victoria is like most people: she does better work when she’s passionate about it. And she probably didn’t like the nervous breakdown material, or the times when Pam merely existed to support Bobby’s storyline (Pam feels neglected by workaholic Bobby and turns to Alex Ward, for example), rather than as character in her own right.
    • In a post above, I mentioned incorrectly that Farley Granger had begun his daytime career on One Life to Live.    That is incorrect; he had played Trent Archer on The Edge of Night previously.    I had forgotten since our local affiliate had dropped The Edge of Night for almost two years during the time that he was playing that role.
    • This will drag into the primaries. His NY trial isn't until March of next year. I suspect the same will be true for his federal indictments and whatever Georgia hits him with.
    • I'm kind of sorry that it happened now for Trump. I hoped it would drag on well into the primaries so that he'd tear all of them apart.  Now, there's too much recovery time for them.  And I still hold to what I've always said - if we ever have a female as President, it will be Republican.   A huge % of women do not really like strong women.  They like stupid subservient ones.  Like Palin.  Like Haley.
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