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Days: TV Guide spoilers for wks of 1/9 & 1/16


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Week of 1/9:

Fresh grief strikes Bo and Hope: Chelsea is revealed to be the hit-and-run driver who caused Zack's death! But baby Claire's life may be saved as a result of the tragedy. Elsewhere in Salem, Lois botches her attempts to murder Marlena. The comatose Alex cannot warn John and Abe about Lois. Reunited exes Carrie and Austin are jubilant with newfound love. Frankie sees a DVD message Jack left behind.

Week of 1/16:

Billie is crushed by the news that Zack's dead because of Chelsea, the reckless motorist who ran him down. Bo is torn between comforting Hope over their son's death and defending his guilty daughter. Alex rescues Marlena from Lois. Belle and Shawn dream the same dream. Mimi tells a delighted Kate that she's become engaged to Shawn. Jennifer's upset when Frankie conveys Jack's dying wishes. Austin finally figures out that the company he raided belongs to Carrie.

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