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Big changes ahead for SYTYCD


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I guess the people at this show finally got their heads out of their backsides about 2-3 seasons too late. This sounds like desperation.


In a major shake-up of the Fox summer TV hit, Lythgoe said he was assembling a pool of dancers from previous series. They will pair each week with the 2010 contestants who are vying for a $250,000 cash prize and a dance magazine cover feature.

"The whole reason for doing it is to make the show more exciting...Some of these brilliant dancers (from past seasons) have just disappeared off the face of the earth. To be able to have this show use its own talent is fabulous," Lythgoe said on a conference call.

Considering how much this show has become about showcasing the judges and the choreographers, with the dancers being trashed and dismissed, no wonder they disappear off the face of the earth.

If Nigel really wants to improve the show he needs to get off the camera. He's just repulsive to watch, if you ask me.

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Aww I still love it (and weren't ratings higher than ever?) but I think the Fall season was overkill (of course part of that was it overlapped with the Canadian version--and since I know one of the choreographers on that my loyalty was there first). I don't quite get the next concept though f old dancers, or why it would make things more exciting...

I do agree though that the judges have taken too much of the draw away (I don't agree about the choreography though--as a dance fan I think it's amazing how something that many non dance fans simply didn'trlly understand--choreography--now has been so well spotlit). Though I admit last year I did watch more for the choreography than any dancers, which defeats the point. (And as even Ent Weekly said recently, the Canadian show this past year was MUCH better than the American one--I think partly because the judges aren't quite as much "characters", the average dance is allowed to be 30-60 seconds longer, etc. Plus we still have Mia Michaels and she never became the over the top character the American show made her--it sounds like one reason she left the US show was becuase she didn't approve of how she was edited...)

*edit* haha scratch that, I see Mia is back. I hope that means Shankman isn't such a permanent fixture--he does fun group numbers and is otherwise IMHO useless.

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