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Ken Corday is publishing a tell all book

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Didn't see this posted anywhere yet here but Corday has a struck publishing deal to publish novelizations of old storylines. I assume that's just like those old dime novelizations in the 80s and 90s. More interesting is the fact that the first book is apparently a tell all book written by Corday:

Days of our Lives Publications will launch with The Days of our Lives: The Untold Story of One Family’s Dream and the True History of The Days of our Lives. Written by Corday, the son of Ted and Betty Corday, the founders of the daytime drama, this story is the first insider memoir of the family that conceived the show, believed in it, and sometimes seemed to live it along with millions of viewers as they struggled against all odds to create and produce one of the most successful and enduring TV shows in history. Fans will discover for the first time the true stories that drive the fictional ones they love on TV.


Sounds potentially juicy...

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