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Y&R:Day to Day Spoilers for the week of the 19th

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Monday, December 19th:

Michael calls Kevin, informing him that the yacht blew up and Lauren is missing;

Sharon pleads with Nick to forgive her for kissing Brad;

Kevin, Jack, and Ashley watch as Gloria and John renew their vows.

Tuesday, December 20th:

In Florida, Scott and Kevin find Michael at the Coast Guard station clutching Lauren's bag;

At the abandoned farmhouse in Genoa City, Tom has Sheila bound by ropes;

Daniel, Devon and Sierra read Noah's letter to Santa.

Wednesday, December 21st:

Sharon becomes defensive when Dru asks her about Brad;

Scott lashes out at Michael, blaming him for Lauren's death;

(OMG!!!This is not Mickey's fault!!!!I feel like crying now!!!!)

Neil invites Devon along on the family trip to New Hampshire to visit Lily.

Thursday, December 22nd:

Brad is shocked when Sharon reveals that she told Nick about their close call in St. Louis;

Tom recaptures Lauren and locks her back in the bomb shelter;

Kevin and Mac reminisce about Lauren.

Friday, December 23rd:

Daniel invites Sharon, Nick, and Noah to the coffeehouse, where he reveals a portrait of Cassie;

Victoria and Brad exchange their Christmas gifts;

Victor gives Nikki her Christmas gift, offering to fund her wellness spas.

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