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Does Canada Have Original Daytime Soaps?

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Family Passions was rerun a while back... I believe when CBC started airing AMC and Edge of Night in the 70s they did a local soap too...

As other shave said the main reason really is we get isntant access to all the major American networks so there's no real reason or desire for homegrown product with a few exceptions--in ANY tv format. Of course a lot of American tv is made here a lot of acotrs on those shows are Canadian, often a majority of the crew is, we have the talent if given the budget (though the crappy Showtime version of Queer as Folk which ended up being nearly written completely by Canadians liek Brad Frasier is not a good example lol--i knwo it has fans but...)

With more cable outlets, etc, this seems ot be finally starting to change (now if youw atch a Canadian drama often you can't tell isntantly it's not American--the way you alwasy could in the 80s and before with stuff like Street Legal which just seemed so cheap). Of course Quebec has more than just Teleroman--they have HUGE HUGE hits in primetime that get aired all over France and many of these are essentially lower budget soaps--btu I think most of the soaps they show in the daytime tend to be french dubbed American ones...

And yeah Riverdale was a disaster--CBC has had a huge hit with Coronation Street aired early evenigns for years so they hoped to make a Canadian Coronation--they built abig outdoor set, even hired one of Corrie's main EPs to work on the show but it was just BAD. The acting felt bad (odd as many of the acotrs were good in other projects) everything about it--no one watched it. Ther'es also the more racy Twin peaks wannabe Paradise Falls which i think has been a cable hit--abotu 200 episode shave been cranked out and I believe one of the gay networks in the US shows it?

And I kidna like Strnage Paradise--they repeated it (maybe stll are) on Drive Inn Classics here in Canada--awful but fun in a camp way. However it should be pointed out it was a Canadian made show whose primary intende dmarket WAS the US.

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