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German soaps: GZSZ, UU & AWZ

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Will you miss Vincent?


Sometimes I wonder if AWZ just keep Deniz for that iconic pool shot (or are he and Jenny popular together - or are they related...my memory is awful).


I wonder if Valentin will have any story with Ringo. I know some fans initially thought they were going to get together. I don't know how his story with Easy has been received.

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16 hours ago, DRW50 said:

Will you miss Vincent?


Oh, definitely. I can't stand Maximilian, and it sucks that everytime the actor decides to come back (this is his fourth stint), storylines get rewritten so Maximilian can emerge as the knight in shining armor even though he's a criminal himself. Vincent was a welcome change, and the actor was capable and nice to look at.


16 hours ago, DRW50 said:

Sometimes I wonder if AWZ just keep Deniz for that iconic pool shot (or are he and Jenny popular together - or are they related...my memory is awful).


I don't know if Jenny and Deniz are that popular as a couple, but they've clearly become one of the show's main couples and have had shared frontburner storylines for almost two years, mostly involving their business.


The relationships and family ties on AWZ are a bit obscure and incestuous, I admit. It's very similar to B&B, actually.


Only taking into consideration the current cast, there are...


Richard Steinkamp and Simone Steinkamp, née von Altenburg, have two daughters together: Jenny Steinkamp and Dr. Vanessa Steinkamp Lukowski.

Richard and Simone are currently divorced. They have broken up several times since the show began, and remarried several times as well.
Jenny is in a relationship with Deniz Öztürk, and Vanessa is married to Christoph Lukowski. They have a little son named Henry who was born last year.
Jenny has a little daughter named Annabelle from a previous relationship. Annabelle is roughly 4 years old.


Richard Steinkamp has another son, Ben Steinkamp. He's currently single (and on the backburner, it seems).


Carmen Bauer is Simone's half-sister. She is Ben's ex-girlfriend and is currently dating his father Richard.
Michelle Bauer is the daughter of Carmen and Vincent Thalbach. She's Jenny and Vanessa's cousin. Michelle is Ronny Bergmann's ex-girlfriend.


Maximilian von Altenburg is Simone's son. He's Jenny and Vanessa's half-brother.
He was once married to Lena Bergmann von Altenburg Öztürk and they have a son named Alexander together. Alexander lives with Lena.
He was also once married to Isabelle Reichenbach Steinkamp von Altenburg Pachlhuber and they have a daughter named Sophia together.


Lena Bergmann von Altenburg Öztürk is married to Marian Öztürk. She is also Ingo Zadek's ex-girlfriend and Ronny Bergmann's cousin. She's best friends with Diana and Carmen.
Marian Öztürk is Deniz's father.


Ingo Zadek is currently involved with Diana Sommer. He is Marie Schmidt's half-brother. Diana is Marie's figure skating coach.

Ingo, Ben and Marian are best buddies.

Marie is in a relationship with Ronny Bergmann. She hates Michelle and vice versa.


Isabelle Reichenbach Steinkamp von Altenburg Pachlhuber was married to Richard Steinkamp, Maximilian von Altenburg and Ben Steinkamp (among others). She had an affair with Vincent. She's enemies with everyone. Currently she's dating Damian Steinkamp.


Damian Steinkamp is a distant cousin of Richard Steinkamp. He's dating both Isabelle and Pauline Reusch. The latter is Vanessa's best friend.


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Preview Pictures for March 2018


Unter uns

01. Benedikt (Jens Hajek) lures Saskia (Antonia Michalsky) into an abandoned building... 02. Jakob (Alexander Milo) suspects that his brother Benedikt knows something about Saskia's disappearance 03. Benedikt and Jakob get into a physical fight 04. It is all too much for her: Irene (Petra Blossey) has a heart attack 05. Andrea (Astrid Leberti) and Eva (Claudelle Deckert) fight over a dress 06. After finally leaving his wheelchair behind, Paco (Milos Vukovic) undertakes his first walk in ages 07. Easy (Lars Steinhöfel) reads Ringo's farewell letter 08. Kay-C (Pauline Angert) departs for Los Angeles. She hopes that Tobias (Patrick Müller) stops her from leaving, but he doesn't [and Angert obviously departs the show]. 09. Eva, Ute (Isabell Hertel) and Andrea make peace 10. Bambi (Benjamin Heinrich [who had a full frontal nude scene in a recent Netflix show]) is upset that Sina's (Valea Scalabrino) obnoxious colleagues treat him like crap




Alles was zählt

01. Christoph (Lars Korten) wants Simone (Tatjana Clasing) to admit that she evaded paying taxes 02. Marian (Sam Eisenstein) and Lena (Juliette Greco) argue about Maximilian's presence in their lives 03. At Alexander's birthday party, the tensions between Marian and Maxmilian heat up 04. Pauline (Maike Johanna Reuter) is surprised to receive a visit from her brother Kai (Philipp Stier) 05. Isabelle (Ania Niedieck) appeals to Damian's conscience regarding his aversion to Kai 06. Ingo (André Dietz) tells Lena that the Steinkamp Zentrum will probably close down and that everyone will lose their jobs 07. Deniz's cousin Aylin (Stefania Kavas) tells Jenny (Kaja Schmidt-Tychsen) that she has a crush on her 08. Deniz is surprised when Jenny and Aylin flirt in his presence 09. Aylin visits Jenny at the  Steinkamp mansion and is greeted by Frau Scholz (Ingeborg Brings) 10. Damian burns his childhood photos




Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten

01. Alexander (Clemens Löhr) suspects that Maren (Eva Mona Rodekirchen) is hiding something from him – well, how could he know that she slept with Leon! 02. Paul (Niklas Osterloh) is glad to have his sister Miriam aka Annike (Luisa Wietzorek), who was kidnapped as a young child, back in his life 03. Lea (Susanna Okonowski) feels neglected by Jonas (Felix van Deventer) 04. Nina (Maria Wedig, right) tries to find reasons why Katrin (Ulrike Frank) can't move in with her and Luis (Maximilian Braun) 05. John (Felix von Jascheroff) and Shirin (Gamze Senol [who is now on contract]) have trouble with their latest business venture 06. Paul proposes to Emily (Anne Menden) and she says "yes" 07. Rosa (Joanna Schümer) is happy that her sons Chris (Eric Stehfest) and Felix are finally getting along... 08. ...but Sunny (Valentina Pahde) still has problems with Felix's presence in Chris's life 09. John gets to know Shirin's husband Erik (Patrick Heinrich) 10. Felix (Thaddäus Meilinger) is surprised that Laura (Chryssanthi Kavazi) has obviously changed her revenge plans



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