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GH : Burton OUT? Marcil MAYBE? Pelphrey IN?


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    • OLIVIA COLE                   11/26/1942 - 1/19/1/19/2018 THE GUIDING LIGHT    Deborah Herbert Mehren    1969 - December 1972 , possibly later. and ROOTS    Matilda Moore     1977 FAMILY    Frances Rossmore  1978 SZYSZNYK   Ms. Harrison    1977 - 78 BACKSTAIRS AT THE WHITE HOUSE   Maggie Rogers     1979 REPORT TO MURPHY      Blanche    1982 NORTH AND SOUTH BOOK 1   Maum Sally    1985 BREWSTER PLACE     Miss Sophie    1990 L.A. LAW    Judge Julie McFarlane    1989; 1990; 1993 PILOTS/PROPOSALS FLY AWAY HOME     Sarah Brookford   1981 THE WOMEN OF BREWSTER PLACE (Miniseries)   Miss Sophie   1989 movies HEROES       Jane Adcox    1977 COMING HOME      Corrine    1978 SOME KIND OF HERO    Jesse    1982 THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT AMELIA    Ruth Walters   1984   (TV Movie) GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN    Elizabeth     1985 FIRST SUNDAY    Mama    2008   BROADWAY   THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL    11/21/1966 - 1/??/1967     Maria;      Sip;     Lisp RIGHT YOU ARE...IF YOU THINK YOU ARE    11/22/1966 - 12/??/1966   Dina;     Signora Ponza WE COMRADES THREE     12/20/1966 - 12/??/1966    Young Woman    YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU    2/10/1967 - 2/??/1967   Rheba;    Gay Wellington WAR AND PEACE    3/21/1967 - 6/17/1967      Lisa THE MERCHANT OF VENICE    3/1/1973 - 4/7/1973   Nerissa THE NATIONAL HEALTH   10/10/1974 - 11/24/1974     Nurse Lake THEATRE      THE TRAGEDY OF CORIOLANUS       1965           The All American Shakespeare Festival Stratford, CT ROMEO AND JULIET     1965         The All American Shakespeare Festival Stratford, CT THE TAMING OF THE SHREW     1965      The All American Shakespeare Festival Stratford, CT SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR      1968      Gerd;   Brand;    Beatrice    The Arena Stage     Washington, D.C. ELECTRA      1969           Electra    The Mobile Theatre New York City    The New York Shakespeare Festival GUYS AND DOLLS    8/25 - 29/1970    Miss Adelaide    Williamstown Theatre Festival    Williamstown, Massachusetts' THE DUCHESS OF MALFI       1975    Cariola       Centre Theatre Group    The Mark Taper Forum  Los Angeles California A RAISIN IN THE SUN   7/23/1986    Lena Younger    The Union Square Theatre MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING       Sabrina     THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH    Kate SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER    Jenny THE THREEPENNY OPERA     BLACK COMEDY     Adelaide   Marriage:          Richard Venture    6/19/1971 - 5/1/1984    divorced                    

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        BARRY NEWMAN            11/7/1930 - 5/11/2023 THE EDGE OF NIGHT     John Barnes   1964 - 67 THE O. C.      Professor Max Bloom    2005 and  PETROCELLI      Anthony "Tony" Petrocelli   1974 - 76 NIGHTINGALES   Dr. Garrett  Braden     1989 PILOTS/PROPOSALS  NIGHT GAMES     Anthony "Tony" Petrocellu    1974 movies PRETTY BOY FLOYD    Al Riccardo    1960 THE MOVING FINGER     1963 THE LAWYER     Tony Petrocelli   1970 VANISHING POINT      Kowalski    1971 THE SALZBURG CONNECTION    William Mathison  1972 FEAR IS THE KEY    John Talbot   1972 CITY ON FIRE    Frank Whitman    1979 AMY      Dr. Ben Corcoran    1981 DAYLIGHT    Norman Bassett    1996 NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM      Avi    1997 GOODBYE, LOVER    Senator Lassiter    1998 BROWN'S REQUIEM   Jack Skolnick   1998 FUGITIVE MIND    Dr. Chamberlain    1999 THE LIMEY   Avery    1999 BOWFINGER    Kit's Agent    1999 G-MEN FROM HELL   Greyden Lake    2000 JACK THE DOG    Simon    2001 GOOD ADVICE    Donald Simpson    2001 TRUE BLUE   Monty    2001 40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS    Dad    2002 MANHOOD    Simon    2003 WHAT THE #$*!  DO WE KNOW?   Frank    2004 WHAT THE BLEEP!   DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE    Frank 2006 GRILLED      Boris    2006 RAISE YOUR KIDS ON SELTZER    Bill Tannery    2015 Upcoming FINDING HANNAH    Isaac Dorman     TBA    Completed   BROADWAY NATURE'S WAY      10/16/1957 - 12/7/1957    The Musician MAYBE TUESDAY      1/29/1958 - 2/1/1958     Larry     NIGHT LIFE     10/23/1962 - 12/15/1962      Young Man                   Sonny -- Understudy WHAT MAKES SAMMY RUN?     2/27/1964 - 6/12/1965     Sheik Orsini THEATER THE MOUSETRAP      11/5/1960  - ????     Detective Sergeant Trotter    The Maidman Playhouse Marriage        Angela Newman     ??? - 5/11/2023   his death     First cousin of multi-billionaire Sumner Redstone,     Barry Newman Article Barry Newman Article Part Two Barry Newman Article Part three  
    • Personally I'm sick of Ashley, she's a total moron
    • Tomorrow's US show

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    • Looked like Blake Berris sneaking out of the frame at the beginning of the video.    
    • So if I'm clear, for 1978 we've already missed the weeks of March 20, April 10, April 17, April 24 and there will be 3 more missing?
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