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Y&R Two random requests

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Hi: You all are so industry-aware. Can you help me with two things?

1. What is Marina Alburger doing now? She was such a vocal part of the WGA strike (largely due to the UCLA Bruin). I wonder if she found a new job?

2. More important, there is a memo/press release I am trying to find. It was written by the Y&R writers during the strike. It said, among other things, something like "we can't tell you whether Victor or Jack killed Ji Min..." I think it also mentioned that they planned to gather weekly, as writers, for pizza.

The reason I'm looking for that memo is because it implied the audience was actually INTERESTED or IN SUSPENSE about whether Newman or Abbott killed Ji Min. And that showed how far the writers were from understanding what their audience wanted. Because we KNEW these guys would NEVER be suspects in this murder...and anyway, we didn't really care about the offing of this minor character.

Thanks in advance, my astute fellow researchers!

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