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Will Smith's movie "Hancock", "Stepbrothers" preview mention


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Did anyone watch it? It's totally hilarious!

My favorite scenes:

All of the as*hole namecalling scenes

Hancock vs. Michael the kid bully (pronounced Michelle in French). "Say as*hole one more time." LOL!

Hancock finds out Mary's secret and does some things to prove it's true. (the kitchen scene, especially the rolling pin)

The hole in the house and using the door.

Head in butt scene.

The last fight

As for the previews, I was dying of laughter seeing the Will Ferrell movie preview, "Stepbrothers".



John Reilly: "What are you doing?"

Will Ferrell: "I'm burying you."

John Reilly: *cries* "I'm alive! I'm alive!"

Will Ferrell: "You're waking the neighbors. Shut up!"

The bunkbed scenes are too funny.

The Mummy sequel and James Bond movie look really good, too.

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