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Any Bo Bice Fans?


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Bo Bice released a new album in October called "See the Light." Anyone else buy it, download it or hear the first single?

What did you think of it? Do you like it?

I bought it the other night from Walmart, and it's a Walmart Exclusive apparently, but I downloaded and listened to it. It certainly different than his first album, The Real Thing. This one is very Lynard Skynard'ish. Very Southern Rock/Country sound to it. There are 10 songs on the album and they are very much Bo Bice. I just skimmed through the songs just to get a listen to what it was all about, and there are a few songs on the album that will for sure become my favorites. As with The Real Thing album, Valley of Angels was my favorite off the album, which was the ONE song that was written by Bo himself.

If anyone is interested Bo is on MySpace and you can take a listen to some of the songs that are on this new album to see if it's something you'd like. But if you like Lynard Skynard, then I'm sure the new album from Bo will strike your fancy.



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