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Gossip Girl PreVUE: December 19 Episode

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Gossip Girl PreVUE: December 19 Episode
Blair gets a not so merry Christmas surprise...

Blair gets an unxpectant and rather unpleasant surprise when her father, Harold (guest star John Shea) comes home for Christmas, with boyfriend Roman (guest star William Abadie) in tow. When it comes to giving Dan the best Christmas surprise ever, Serena gets help from Jenny and Vanessa.. Dan, on the other hand, may have something up his sleeve for Serena for her first Christmas back. While Blair plots to get Roman away from her father, Chuck sends word to her that Chase is with him in Monaco, placing fear in her mind as to what Chuck could reveal about the two of them. Meanwhile Rufus decides enough is enough when Alison's former lover calls their home.
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