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AJ would return to town. Edward, of course, would be thrilled just to have another Q alive. Monica would be horrified that he had let her think he was dead. They would both be taken aback upon finding out that AJ was still angry with them and everyone else in his life for never having faith in them. It was why he stayed away so long. He would refuse to move back in to the Quartermaine mansion.

Kate Howard would witness Sonny in action. She would be walking by the docks, and see a shootout. She would see Sonny shooting at cops, and be forced to confront the reality of his profession. She would confront him, and they would have a viscious fight, which might end with her getting caught up in his anger and punching her. He would immediately show some remorse, but she would leave the penthouse with a newfound hatred for Sonny, and recognition of who he truly is. She and AJ would team up to take down Sonny as partners, eventually developing into a romance.

Liz would realize that if Lucky is going to stay in her sons' lives, she cannot have Sam near any of them. SHe would tell him about how Sam staged an attack on her and the boys, and how Sam knew about Jake's kidnapping from the start. Lucky would immediately break off things with Sam. He would turn to Robin, who is still heartbroken from her breakup with Patrick. But just as the two were getting close, it would be revealed that Sam is miraculously pregnant with Lucky's child. Love triangle ensues.

Maxie deals with her abandonment issues, preferably with Felicia there. She tries to get Coop to take her back and really opens up about why she was afraid to be loved by a genuinely good guy like him: she has never felt like she deserves love.

Further on down the line:

I would want AJ to fight Edward for control of ELQ.

I also want AJ and a newly recast Michael to bond.

I would want Jason to begin to remember things from before the accident, and be forced to come to terms with the things he had done.

I would want Sonny's world to crumble around him.

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