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Are there any classical trained soapactors/actresses....

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I was just thinking if anyone knows if anyone of these so called pretty faces and muscular men if there really have been trained as actors or if there are just athletes or models that have been picked because of how they really look, good or sexy. Is there anyone of the younger actresses and actors that have been classically trained as actors and actresses?..........................

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What exactly is meant by classicaly trained? People who graduate high school or model and then take take one acting class and start auditioning vs those who took theatre arts in college?

Does growing up doing theatre count as classicaly trained?

Susan Lucci, Sabine Singh, Thorsten Kaye, James Mitchell, are all schooled in theatre

Eden Riegel is theatre trained in that she grew up performing.

I think it definitely shows when it comes to the meaty stuff as to who has been trained in the theatre and who has not.

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