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GH: Monday

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I cannot wait till Elizabeth Spencer is called to the stand.

Line of the Day.. I'd give to Alexis regarding Carly..."if you go in there with your usual pattern of using your mouth instead of your brain.." :lol:

Also, I enjoy Diane and think she's hiliarious but as a lawyer in the courtroom I think Alexis' does it better than anybody...

I was just re-watched Tony Jones' Trial back in 1998 and I tell ya, it was a packed courtroom, amazing writing, Helena Cassadine and pretty much using the ensemble cast.. now you look at Jason's ..empty as can be.

oh yeah Bobbie & Noah scenes.. now that's a page from history we hardly see.

and Logan you big bully! beating up poor Cooper. :o

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This trial is the most contrived piece of BS on tv. Its revealed that Ric slept with Sam, the defendent's ex girlfriend and witness for the prosecution and he isnt taken off the case. WTF? Talk about conflict of interest.

How the hell was Jason, the defendent, allowed to be alone with Elizabeth, a witness? They had a guard come in the room about 5 minutes later saying wrong room, but why did he just let Jason go in that room alone? Why didnt he escort him in where he would clearly see Elizabeth.

I did like Liz talkign about her artisitic past with Kate today. That was a nice nod to history.

Of course again, Sam is trashed on when all she did was tell the truth. She didnt even say anything that anyone didnt already know. Carly needs to STFU bc she had no clue what went on in there and I loved Alexis telling her not to attack her daughter. Id love to see mother and daughter double team her. Both have slapped Carly around.

Noah, Patrick and Robin were boring today. Yawwwnnnn. At least Bobbie made an appearance. Now she needs to go and visit Jerry.

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