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A Coronation Street Actor is out after over thirty years on the show..........

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For everyone who is watching Coronation, i know some here are or guests on this site. For you who didn`t know, it has been revealed that long time veteran actress Elizabeth Dawn who has played on the Soapopera since 1974 for Thirtythree years as Vera Duckworth is leaving due to her bad health. The actress who before she was diagnosed with emphysema for about four years ago used to be on so much, In 2007 she has hardly been on a lot, even if she has been on the highest amount of eps this month in July, she is leaving, but she has told the press that she will be back for guest roles, but still knowing that Elizabeth Dawn is not longer a contract actor i surely a big shock for many, her on screen partner and husband Jack Duckworth, played by actor William Tarmey has suffered for a long time from a bad heart still remains with the show. Elizabeth Dawn is 68 this year, and we all hope that she will enjoy her free time, and hope that her health becomes more stable.

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