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Hi, I don't t know where to put this since this is a cancelled series. I got the DVD of Picket Fences Season One a few weeks ago and I cannot stop watching it. I love the family. Holly Marie Combs, pre-Charmed, is awesome with the material she is given (I'm not going to spoil it in case nobody got it yet.) Kathy Baker and Tom Skerreitt have enormous chemistry as does Costas Mandylor and Lauren Holly (ex-Julie, AMC) but they don't get together in this season. David E. Kelley is a talented writer. And I love the theme son and underscore (background music.) If it wasn't for the fact that I saw Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me today, this would be my most favorite show I didn't watch as a kid.

And one more thing FYVUSH FINKEL AS DOUGLAS WAMBAUGH!!!!Why he wasn't a full cast member in season one is beyond me, but i'm glad he's in practally every episode. I love the mayorial run and how he intriduces himself everytime there's a trial.

Its a great show I recommend it.

If this was posted before or needs to be moved then I'm sorry. Don't jump on me I am a refugee from WOST, LOL.

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