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GL PreVUE: Week of June 25 Edition

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Dinah’s life hangs in the balance because of Griggs. Rafe spies on an elated Harley giving Dylan a friendly kiss when he tells her Daisy is getting out of juvenile hall. Daisy is told about Gus having a son that is living with them. Remy takes Natalia out on a date, where she kisses him. Beth accepts Alan’s marriage proposal, to Rick’s dismay. While spending time with Beth, Rick gets to feel their baby kick. Coop walks in on Doris stating how she hopes Ashlee never leaves juvenile hall. In an attempt to help Ashlee, Coop tells Alan he’ll expose his plot with Doris to get her a mayoral position. When Ashlee hugs Coop for his help in possibly getting her released, he becomes uneasy. Jeffrey tells Reva that she must come clean about what happened when Lizzie was with her. A suspicious Olivia spies Reva giving Jeffrey a kiss. Jeffrey learns that Jonathan and Sarah are alive.

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