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Thanks to Bee at the Z/K board:


Is Ryan Losing Annie?

You can’t call Kendall and Greenlee quitters, especially not after they try once more to recapture their former friendship on Thursday, June 21. Zach’s not quite as forgiving as his wife, though, and keeps Greens in his suspicious sights on Monday, June 25. Meanwhile, although Jack’s not fooled by Erica’s latest plea for attention on Wednesday, June 27, his recently returned stepdaughter takes pleasure in teasing a jealous Annie on Thursday, June 28. The sad thing is, Emma’s gullible mom takes the bait and jumps to the wrong

conclusion about Ryan on Friday, June 29!

On Friday, June 22, it begins to appear that JR’s lies could financially ruin his father, which is glorious news to at least one person’s ears on Tuesday, June 26.

In Depth Story

Pine Valley: The Peaceful Place To Live?

ALL MY CHILDREN executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers weighs in on why Pine Valley folk are lovers, not fighters! The In Depth Story: GH’s Sonny and Jason are just as likely to shoot a gun as shake someone’s hand. ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Christian has been bloodied nearly as many times outside the boxing ring as inside. But when was the last time someone started a fight in Pine Valley? You may have noticed that, compared to its sister

soaps, AMC has a relatively low level of on-screen violence. By staying true to creator Agnes Nixon’s original vision, Carruthers says, the writing staff keeps the carnage on an emotional level. “It’s not consciously that we try not to do violence. It’s more that there’s so much real-life drama to I come out of interpersonal relationships and real-life events,” she says. Even inherently sadistic plots, like the recent Satin Slayer killing spree, tend to be talked about rather than seen. ‘The reality was that it was an emotional journey for Zach and all the people of Pine Valley, obviously on different levels, but it took them to truths and situations that they had to deal with,” notes Carruthers. “For this show, I think that’s much more interesting than dealing with the actual violence and aftermath.”

Amanda & JR Are Kidnapped!

A fake kidnapping plot reveals some true feelings this week on ALL MY CHILDREN. But will the heightened emotions remain after the crisis is resolved?

Amanda Figures It Out!

Though Amanda is desperate to escape from the people who have seemingly kidnapped her and JR, young Chandler discourages her from doing so. But Ms. Dillon is no fool, and it’s not long before she’s gotten him to admit that he was behind the abduction plot! As Amanda unleashes her anger on JR, he lets her in on his plan: He’s going to use the fake ransom to swindle Adam out of all of his money! The brunette suddenly switches gears and says she wants to be part of the plan, and the cunning cons have sex!

Zach’s One Step Ahead!

A distraught Adam asks Zach to help him raise the ransom money. The Cambias chief agrees but demands all of Adam’s stock holdings as collateral. Then Slater, well versed in the art of the double-cross, hires JR’s kidnappers so he’ll get his money back when the cash comes in. In addition, Zach will then receive Adam’s shares when the silver-haired CEO can’t repay the loan! At Stuarts urging, Krystal reaches out to her estranged husband, who seems poised to let her get close but then thinks better of it and pushes her away. However, as the hours pass and JR is still missing, Adam borrows emotional strength from the former love of his life.

Father And Child Reunion

Elsewhere, JR and Amanda realize that they’ve been cheated out of the ransom and that, with JR’s cell phone broken, they’re

trapped! With nothing to do but talk, Amanda realizes that jR really staged the kidnapping because he wants proof that Adam still cares about him. Just then, off a tip from Zach, a relieved Adam finds his missing son and pulls him into a powerful hug. The chagrined Chandler heir feels bad about setting up the entire situation — and losing his dad’s fortune to boot — so he keeps his involvement a secret and instead vows to get the money back. Meanwhile, Zach is rich in both knowledge and stock as Adam’s fortune comes his way. But how long will the peace last once the elder Chandler learns that his prodigal son isn’t’ as innocent as he seems?

Remote Patrol – SID Editor’s opinion:

They’re Grrrrrrreat!

Conventional wisdom says that soap couples get boring the minute rings are exchanged. Well, leave it to the Slaters to ignore that notion! Maybe it’s their backwards romantic history, maybe it’s just serendipitous paring of the charismatic Alicia Minshew and Thorsten Kaye, but we never get tired watching the ever-evolving Kendall and Zach go about their lives. The casino owner actually purrs like a tamed tiger whenever Kendall teases him, turns him on or tries his patience. Heck, if we had a dime fro every well-timed, deep-throated rumble from Mr. Slater, well let’s just say we’d be spending the summer in Capri instead of in front of our computers!

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Yes Julie. I am sure Agnes' original vision called for Dr. Madden to be buried alive by one of Pine Valley's staple characters, Tad Martin.

This woman needs to STFU! She's just as bad as Megan McTavish. Its all just lip service.

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