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AMC: SOW Scoops

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Thanks to ZnK's Jules


In Mail Call: AMC: Forget it, Greenlee. Zendall conquers all.

In Public Opinion:

"She Should Have Asked Ryan

All My Children's Hannah could have been utilized as an astute businesswoman--perhaps scheming to take over Cambias Industries as payback for the humiliation she suffered at the hands of Zach's father. Instead, the writers chose to make her into a pitiful, mentally unbalanced woman lusting after a man who was not even her lover over 20 years ago, just a teenage fling. Her demand for a child from Zach made no sense whatsoever. She kept on blaming him for her loss of Ethan, when she never told him about Ethan in the first place. As far as leaving the question open if Zach granted her demand, that is even more ridiculous. Zach is a thinking man. He does not act on impulse.

Diva, N.Y."

Week of June 11: Greenlee is forced to eat crow.

JR's plot seems to work.

Sean suspects Ava.

Stuart and Krystal fix up the Roadside.

Jamie makes a confession to Babe.

Can't Miss: Wed., June 13: Kendall and Greenlee make the pitch of their lives.

Week of June 18: Greenlee is overwhelmed as she holds the child that should have been hers. Zach makes Adam an offer he can't refuse. JR's plans crumble before his eyes.

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Comedy continues in Erica's subconscious. She has a game show dream. Josh and Kendall are hosting (THE MILLION DOLLAR BACHELOR). Erica's potential matches are a Bill Clintonish clone, a Bill Gatesish clone and a Dr. McDreamyish clone. In the end Jack comes in and sweeps her into a kiss.

This is exactly what I told my group would happen in my fantasy of these dream sequences :lol::wub:

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