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OLTL: Kristen Alderson's sweet 16 party

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From: http://www.ecorazzi.com/?p=2603

May 22 One Life to Live’s Kristen Alderson is a Starr for Green Sweet 16

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One Life to Live star Kristen Alderson just turned sixteen, and we think she’s off to a great start. She plays Starr Manning on the popular soap, and has been doing so since she was 7 years old! She called up our friends over at Portovert to give her a hand in throwing a green Sweet 16 Party in NYC to celebrate the occasion in an eco-friendly way.

All of Kristen’s guests received a goodie bag full of environmentally cool stuff. The bag itself is a recycled rice bag from Gecko Traders - great as a beach tote or even to toss your groceries in. Inside the bag guests found a Preserve Razor - same company that makes the toothbrushes seen in Will Ferrell’s Stranger Than Fiction. The handle is made from recycled yogurt cups!

Guests can clean up naturally with Pangea Organics’ soap made from 100% veggie oils. I’m glad to hear this because I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to mention the Cosmetic Database. A non-profit organization has rated over 22,000 products on a 0 to 10 “concern-level” scale. They also tell you if the company has signed a Safe Cosmetics compact & if they animal test. (Pangea has signed and does not test on animals.) Check out a result for Pangea’s Olive Oil & Coconut Soap. It scores a very green “2″.

Much of the cast of One Life to Live was expected to attend, including Kristen’s real life brother Eddie, Trevor St. John, Kathy Brier, Kassie DePaiva, and Bree Williamson. Sweet 16 party go-ers also left with a Buddha Board (love those things), natural chocolate and an organic alcohol sanitizer (wow, there is something I had never thought of before!).

The event wasn’t completely green - no carbon offsets to make the event carbon neutral - but we think the eco-bags were a nice touch…especially for a 16-year-old. Hopefully Kristen introduced her guests to some new planet-friendly products and ideas.

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Thank you, darraholic! I questioned whether I should hold my tongue, but I won't. Happy birthday and congratulations on a long soap career and shockingly making it in the biz without the character being rapidly aged, but COME ON! This "green" thing was SOOOOOOOOOOOO piggybacking Samcas' green wedding. And even if it the sentiment is genuine, it's just too close for comfort!

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    • He played someone named David Bordisso on PC so probably. He looked like a Founding Father. There's been a lot of talk about the show never finding a man who could toe to toe with Eileen's Ashley but Jill has never had a suitable love interest. John doesn't count because that was hardly a passionate love affair or marriage and Colin sure as hell doesn't count because that story sucked and they write Jill as stupid when she's in "love". ANYway back to the topic, has anyone mentioned the Ford (modeling agency) brothers from OLTL? What even was that? It was so transparent and lazy. How do we count the many, many forced familial units on GH? Obrecht gained a son and daughter in two established characters, a niece in Nina and thereby great-nieces in Willow and Nelle and a lover in Faison. How do we count those? Where it's revealed multiple disparate characters are all related.  
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