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Paris Hilton's Jail Time Reduced


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JMO, but I can understand the points that have been made. I don't agree with the dismissive tone of the posts, but the overall point remains. Yes, Paris has committed a crime and she should pay and shouldn't get off simply because she is a celebrity. I agree with that wholeheartedly. However, I have seen numerous posts all over the place (other message boards too) actually gleeful that Paris is going to jail saying things like "she won't be able to get her manicure, or what will happen to her hair and her roots, ha ha ha" It's as if some are glad she is going to jail because she is rich and she is spoiled so I do understand the sentiment behind the post, just not the way it was expressed.

It's one thing to be glad someone is paying for what they have done, I agree 100% she should pay for her crimes, I'm not disputing that at all..but it is really pathetic to be gleeful that someone is going to be taken "down a peg" just because they are rich and spoiled.

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