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Dated Material! May 10th Phone Blitz To ABC!!

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SOAPnot Phone Blitz

We invite everyone who is unhappy with SOAPnet's cancellation of Another World,

the time drop of Ryan's Hope and Port Charles to 1 hour per week each show,

and the way SOAPnet management has turned their back on classic daytime soaps,

to join in the phone blitz on Thursday, May 10th. TODAY!(only!)

The date of May 10 was picked for a specific reason.

On this date in 2006 it was announced that Brian Frons' management responsibilities

had been expanded to include not only ABC daytime but also SOAPnet.

It seems right that we pick this day to make a statement about how much

we don't like what we've seen since he took over.

Here's what you need to know:

- We are calling ANNE SWEENEY who has ultimate authority over SOAPnet.

(Deborah Blackwell reports to Brian Frons; he reports to Sweeney.)

Many letters have been sent to Sweeney so she is aware of our concerns.

We have been very specific about what we want: Another World back on SOAPnet;

Ryan's Hope and Port Charles back to daily episodes.

- Phone number to call:


- When to call:

Thursday, May 10th between 9AM and 4PM Eastern - TODAY!

- What to say:

Ask for Anne Sweeney's office.

Some may get as far as her office; others may get stopped at the switchboard.

Either way, leave a message.

Tell them you are calling to ask Ms Sweeney to get involved in addressing viewer

complaints about SOAPnet. We have complained directly to SOAPnet and to Brian Frons

and feel are concerns have been ignored.

(If there is more you want to say, go ahead.)

- Please be sure to mention Brian Frons by name.

Ms. Sweeney reads mail but then forwards it to the appropriate department head.

(That would be Frons in our case.)

She need's to understand that we are contacting her because Frons has been unresponsive.

Please call!! There is power in numbers!

For more information visit:


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Don't be surprised if you get an answering machine... Just leave a sincere message and say

what you feel in your heart. That's that I did. Just MAKE sure that FRONS' name is mentioned!!!

OH..I LOVE your avatar pic of DoLOTS(Melinda)

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Hi Ryan!

Thank you for giving me this space. It is NOT my cause, btw...

It is everyone's that LOVES Another World/Ryan's Hope and Port Charles.

Our little petition for AW has over 3819 siggys!

The other 2 are doing...but not as well.

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