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Why I Love Passions

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Passions is camp.


-not a natural mode of sensibility, if there be any

-its essence is the love of the unnatural, of artifice, of exaggeration

-a particular kind of style

-the love of the "off", things-being-what-they-are-not

-a victory of style over content; aesthetics over morality; irony over tragedy

-a certain gravity regarding trivial matters; a light-heartedness for the serious

Camp is a mockery of conventional widsom.

Passions is the epitome of camp, and that is why I love it!

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I don't mind camp but there needs to be some balance too. Passions is full of camp but one of the reasons why it has improved of late is because the pace picked up, story points are leading to other story points, the camp is balanced with some realism and serious drama, the show has cut down on rape, and the Fox/Kay/Miguel story is not on as much and we have them interacting with other characters when it is. That is why it has improved.

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