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Days:SOW Spoilers

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Sneak Peeks

Week of April 23

Sami discovers EJ is alive.

Marlena finds the missing coin in John's hand.

Bo and Hope realize their home is bugged.

Phillip learns Shawn and Belle's location.

Can't Miss - Mon. Apr. 23 - Stephanie visits her father in the mental hospital.

Highlight of the Week - DOOL - Tues Apr. 24 - Kate has an ax to grind with Sami.

Week of April 30

Lucas and Sami catch Kate and EJ conspiring.

Phillip arrives at Tinda Lau trying to get Claire back.

Nick comes to Willow's rescue.


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Nice to see Marlena and John in a preview, but i'm sure it will just be one episode...And the sami/ej stuff will be fun to watch..but the rest is lame...Phillip has already been to the island looking for Claire...If he doesn't get her, this will be extremely repetitive....And don't bo and hope already know their house is bugged..Why is that in the previews...

And Mitch i agree, i'm sick of Hogan continuing to throw Willow in every possible story....She's been with Shawn, Phillip, worked with EJ, now she's a thorn in nick and chelsea's side...

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These sound good. Good to see J&M and we know B&H are on that week.

Bo and Hope suspected their house was bugged so they have it confirmed next week. I don't care about Willow. She has been here for so long I'm used to her. She annoys me but if they can Gabby and Duck and she remains I am ok with it. She was brought on right away by Hogan so it seems he likes her.

Sami/EJ sounds so good.

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