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ATWT: SID May Previews

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SID May Previews, re-worded by me:

Losing Faith:

Seeing as Lily is having a major problem with her disorder and the fact that she is still taking the diet pills, she comes to the conclusion that she needs some professional type help. JP says this will be kind of a turning point for the character of Lily. With the character of Faith we have keep worrying because, something like what she has can not just disappear overnight.

Can Craig Be Stopped?

The whole town of Oakdale is now having major issues with Craig seeing as he stole WorldWide from Lucinda. But for Craig he really has to worry about two of the citizens in particular, Paul and Meg. Those two will be trying all kinds of things to destroy Craig, hints the head writer of the show. They will try one thing and that won't work, but they come up with a new plan and this one is much more harsh. Also someone will come in contact with Paul and give him the opportunity to completely destroy Craig Montgomery.

Jade Vs. Gwen

Jade's idea for Cleo starts taking a wrong turn because Cleo starts wanting to do things her own way. Things will not go well seeing as Cleo has a mind of her own now.

The End Of Maddie and Casey

Maddie and Casey have had sex, but something will happen that will stop them on there way forward, Casey gets his amount of jail time determined. Casey's close family and friends will have to deal with the fallout from that.

Dusty And Emily Get Closer

On there way to trying to stop Ali from destroying her life, Dusty and Emily may start developing feelings for each other, there relationship will get closer because of the amount of time they are spending in close quarters to each other.

TOO Many Men

Brad has feelings for Katie and the fact that Katie is getting very close to Jack does not please him at all, Brad will do whatever he can to try to stop them from getting closer. But watch out because Carly is back to make this triangle into a Quadrangle.

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Any word on Maura's return date yet???? *whines* WHY won't they tell me????? *stomps foot* I can know when Luke's newbie boyfriend starts from stuff leaked five seconds after he was hired, but Carly's return has to be channeled through Homeland Security? UGH!!! :)

Ugh...to the thought of Bradski chasing Katie. Can't. Stand. Her. I hope Carly intends on steering clear of that blonde bimbo...at least where the "relationship" with Jack is concerned. Let Jack realize on his own Carly is the one he wants.

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As far as I know it is still the last week of April or the first week of May, but no real date yet though, as for Noah's first appearance I don't know how much faith I would put into the date they gave for him starting either seeing as they have been having problems with dates lately. In fact I think I am going to change my siggy to atleast June 1 seeing as we know we are atleast a day behind, seeing as it did not air on Tuesday.

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1st off thanks for the spoilers! God why can't Brad and Vienna just get together already. I think they're much more suited for each other than Henry and Vienna ever will be. I mean come on their kids would Greek gods and goddesses for goodness sakes! As for Jack he can have Katie. I want Carly to be independent but I'm sure the writers will thrust her back into the whole neverending cycle of, "Carly's not good enough for Jack so she grovels asnd begs to be taken back as his wife and in the end the magnamious police officer forgives and forgets her "sins"" The End. So since thats probably whats going to happen I want Brad to get with Katie then and Vienna to find a new man other than Henry.

Jade and Cleo storyline is so predictable which is why I don't like it. Of course the double is going to start thinking shes really Gwen and probably go psycho. Ends up kidnapping poor Gweniepooh and then sleeping wtih Will. The only shocker will be if they make Cleo preggers or not. Jade meanwhile becomes Public Enemy #1 on the teen scene yet again. Feel bad for Maddie and Casey. I will miss ZR as Casey.

Could care less about Emiloon and her new victim Dusty (please bring Jen back from the dead ATWT). This is the worst pairing in daytime I've ever seen. Add to the mix the latest stewart whore and you've got a horrible storyline.

The Paul, Meg, and Craig stuff will be HOT. I can't wait to see more this storyline. Lucinda should be involved in this as well. Poor Lily and Faith though. I was afraid they were going to continue this storyline on but I think its necessary and good of ATWT to do it. You just don't get magically cured when it comes to eating disorders and even if you manage to get your life back together there is still some fallout for a few weeks if not years afterwards.

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