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Soap Opera Limericks (Could be fun)

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This is currently being done at another board. I thought some of you might have fun doing this since many of us watch different soaps.

A limerick is a five-line poem. Many writers use them as warm-up exercises before sitting down to write poetry and even prose! Here's an example of one I did:

GH -

Nikolas and she are meant to be

They traveled a long journ-y

Lydia was a bore

Courtney was a whore

Emily's his destiny.

Your turn! Take a stab at your faves, non-faves, or the writers!

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There once was a man named McBain

whose acting has caused me much pain

If he stays on my screen

I will freak out and scream

Until I'm in an asylum for the insane.

There is a jobless man,

named Cris.

When hes on, I go take a piss.

The ladies love him because hes angry and brass,

but in reality, i'd kick his ass.

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Another GH one. You may be tickled...

Jason doth protest too much

When the jackal reaches in for a touch

For years he hides

What he's felt in side

Tossed salads' what he's having for lunch


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